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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Believe in Miracles

In searching for quotes for my notebooks/journals, I found this one—one of my favorites, although I did not include it in any of the books:


"Changing the toilet paper spindle does not cause brain damage."


I told my husband this morning that I didn't have a blog this week. I had nothing to say. He said, “Well, I guess that's it."


I said, "That's not an excuse—you begin and see what happens." 


That's the writer in me, and that's what I tell creatives. Just do your work, and see what happens. Sometimes we hit, sometimes we miss. Sometimes the wastepaper basket gets all the info, but we keep on keeping on.


So here I am…beginning.


Perhaps I've gotten caught up in the at-homeness, the covid19-ness, the debate, the confusion. I want to say something positive yet feel helpless to do that.


I hear that people are suffering. One couple said that locked up at home, they yell at each other all the time, and that's not good for the kids. Another friend said that this Covid19 has sucked all the joy out of her life. Now she doesn't want to host any gatherings at her house while she used to have many during a year.


What should we do with this information?


It appears that the power structure is trying—they have come up with a vaccine and now are encouraging, virtually forcing people to take it. Some believe it's a savior; others think it's the devil incarnate.


It could be that sinister forces are at work, for when profit is forthcoming, people become suspicious. We encourage profit. We admire people who get rich—but not too rich. Without profit, companies would not exist, but outrageously high profit really is greed.


It could be that the power structure—let's start with the doctors, they were at a loss on how to treat this disease. Some wanted to try methods outside the Hospital’s protocol and were stymied.


The medicine (I-word) has been shown to heal Covid19 better than any other treatments, yet it wasn’t allowed to be administered in hospitals, even at doctor’s orders. If it is mentioned on YouTube that channel soon goes Bye bye.  The I-word has also been shown to be a preventative, is cheap to produce, and has been FDA approved for 40 years


 Research scientists are scrambling to find answers. Politicians were trying, some with an agenda, some with an honest desire to help. The populace was depending on those in the know to have answers. 


This scenario was like Hawaii trying to solve their rat problem. Scientists brought in mongoose to eradicate the rats. The problem was, the rats were nocturnal. The mongoose is diurnal, so one sleeps during the day, the other at night, and they both exist happily together.


We have science to help us, but mother nature is complex, and we are babies in our efforts. 


In 1859 Thomas Austin, a wealthy settler who lived in Victoria, Australia, had 13 European wild rabbits sent to him from across the world (So he could hunt them, wow.) He let the bunnies roam free on his estate. 


From this one backyard sanctuary, it took only around 50 years for these imported rabbits to spread across the entire continent.

Australia was fertile ground for bunnies; literally, its ground is excellent for burrowing. The climate is warm, grasses were available for food, and rabbits had no natural predators. If times get tough food-wise, rabbits will eat about anything—and everything. Soon they invaded crops and land, leading to soil erosion and the loss of native plants and animals. Farmers were leaving their decimated land.


Fencing, killing, poisoning. gassing their warrens (where a group of rabbits live, and raise their young.) didn't do the job. Birth control would only affect one rabbit at a time. Once, the government offered 3 million dollars to someone who could come up with an effective bio-control. None worked efficiently enough. Rabbits soon developed immunity. 

Scientists created a rabbit-specific virus, and that works somewhat.

However, in January 2020, it was estimated that approximately 200 million feral rabbits inhabit Australia.


This is what we are dealing with now with the virus. Evolutionists Heather and Brett Weinstein have a podcast where they have been talking about Covid19. (Yes, Evolutionists, that dreaded word that simply means biologists who study how organisms change) offered a description of how variants appear. 

 Let's say, Heather said, that we want to kill jaguars. We create a device that finds spots. Soon, we have detected and killed all the spotted jaguars. However, a few have non-issued spots, and they slipped past the detection device. With the regularly spotted jaguars gone, what is left is the irregularly spotted jaguars, and they take over.


Mother Nature knows how to balance, but we, the people, do not want to be casualties, so we try to intervene.


So where does that leave us? 

I want to add something positive, so here are some ideas:


  • That we weigh consequences. That we do not rush to a conclusion without trying in every way we can conjure to consider the consequences. Scientists aren't gods, and sometime they hit, sometimes they they miss. (Ever see a rocket go up in flames?)  In our desperation to have answers, we should not give companies Carte Blanche with no consequences.
  •  When we stopped driving so much during the lock down, we found the air got better. A few of us wondered if our past two glorious springs was nature having a breather. What if we did that regularly without being forced?
  •  We found that pure water was precious, and we ought to make sure it stays that way. 
  •  We found that if we up our immune system with supplements and healthy food and take care during flu season—like washing our hands, not touching our faces when we are out, and avoiding crowds, we have fewer colds. 
  • We found that we don't need to consume as much, for it wasn't fun to shop during the pandemic. We discovered that we can get by with less. 
  •  As we are getting fatter while perceiving that we are eating about the same, we wonder if something besides calories is at work, perhaps interfering with our chemistry.


We know stress interferes with biochemistry. We know that chemicals in our houses ought to be replaced with natural substances. We figure that genetically altered foods is suspect. What about the excessive use of plastic?


Grandma's food tasted great, and nothing was genetically modified. The organic farmers have a point. They can produce beautiful, healthy fruits and vegetables without chemicals. (The marijuana growers have perfected this craft.)


What about chemicals to make the cows produce more milk? Come on, stop it with the cows. Stop throwing chemicals on the ground and into animals. Now people injured with the herbicide, Round-up-- that has been used extensively in Oregon, are getting compensation. What does that say about its use? 


  • We want a cell phone that works great, but we don't need a new one every year because it's a fun toy.
  •  We found that working 9 to 5 in  crowded buildings isn't the most efficient way to accomplish business. 
  •  We found that we value our friends and miss them when it becomes impossible to see them.
  •  We found that being outside is not only healthy but healing and safer as far as contracting diseases.


Nature takes her time. We don't have the time. I guess that's the battle.


We love our Momma (earth). So, let's not make it hard for her.


Here I am talking about world conditions, while on the other had I’m walking in the forest and talking about creating our own reality. Perhaps they will mesh eventually.



"Why should we use our creative power…? Because there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold, and compassionate, so indifferent to fighting, and the accumulation of objects and money."

--Brenda Ueland 

(This did make its way into "Breathe.")


And I thought I didn't have anything to say.

A virtual hug,


P.S. the I-word is I-ver-mect-in.

My notebooks, or journals, by jewell d are for your exquisite thoughts, or stuff you can't remember but need to. They have lined pages, and quotes scattered throughout for fun and inspiration.

Chirp is live, Believe is alive, Breathe is in review.

On the back cover of Believe:

"I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles. " --Audrey Hepburn


Friday, March 26, 2021

The Gist of It

 I was struck this morning by something I read, and now for the life of me, I can’t find where I read it. The interview I copied and saved is not it.

Here’s the gist of what I read:

Often, wrote my unknown author, in times of trouble people band together, but this hasn’t been the case with the Covid19 pandemic.

Why is that?

And then my brilliant author who shall remain nameless, came to a brilliant conclusion. Death frightens people, and this lockdown made the thought of death up close and personal. Usually we don’t think death will happen to us. But this virus experience jammed it in our faces.

Not only were we at risk of sickness or death, or but we had to protect everyone else.

The brilliant author’s conclusion was that the real presence of death causes people to circle the wagons. It causes them to find their own kind, and band with them. Then they fear outsiders.

That pretty much explains what happened this past year. 

And then I moved to another author, Ryan Holiday, talking about his book “Stillness is The Key.”

“We’re trying to get to a place where, as crazy as things are on the outside, we can be calm and clear on the inside.”

Quiet, calm, meditation, stillness, these aren’t new age terms. Spiritual disciplines throughout the ages talked of quieting the mind. Buddha was determined to acquire enlightenment so he sat under a Bodhi tree for God knows how long.  Jesus went to the wilderness for 40 days. The Muslims speak of it, the Greeks, the Bhagavad Gita speaks of “evenness of mind—a peace that is ever the same.”

Perhaps this pandemic was to teach us something—to slow down, to look out for our neighbors, to stay firm in times of trouble, to enjoy nature, to take care of it. Perhaps the lockdown was saying we should teach our own children instead of letting institutions do it. Maybe it’s time to know we are divine beings.

Maybe this year was to tell us: “Don’t let the rabble of the marketplace knock you off your steady and firm stillness.”

Yes, the marketplace “rabbled” a lot this past year—not only that, but our livelihood was in grave danger, as wages were cut and lay-offs occurred. We didn’t know where to turn.

Did we lose our stillness, our confidence that things would work out? Did we lose our own internal knowingness?

I have found that it’s easy to stay centered when things are going well. When trouble comes…well, that’s a different story.

How can we help each other?

I will keep reminding you that you are a divine being, that you have a strength within yourself stronger than you know, that thoughts are powerful and to watch what you are thinking and saying. I will try to be upbeat even when it appears that things aren’t working according to plan. I will remind you to follow your own guidance system, and to notice how something makes you feel. That is a barometer.

You know the old game of hot/cold. When you are getting close to your good, it feels better (hotter), when you go away from it your tummy tells you so. (colder).

I know, sometimes indecision can stir you up. I’ve had that-- knowing which way to turn.

Go back to the stillness, your quiet place, and let the divine speak to you.


Holding the baby and watching "All of Me," with Steve Martin and Lilli Tomlin--it's a kick. Watch it. You need a laugh, and maybe a baby chick.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Saturday Morning's Stream of Consciousness

I’m just going to begin writing. I’m frustrated. I’m not going to think about posting this, for I’m in a quandary about what to think. We’re in a pandemic. The government is undergoing a second impeachment trial on the ex-president. We’ve had people storming the Capital, and claiming to lynch the Vice President. We watch this in wonder. How in the world did we get to this place? 

We can hardly talk to each other anymore, for we might offend someone’s sensibilities because we’re on opposite sides. And why in the hell are we so polarized anyway? Extremism has happened. 

I had decided not to talk about the virus anymore, for I believed it gave energy to it, but I see people want to talk about it. It’s on our minds, it’s in our hearts, it’s in our faces if we venture out of our houses. It’s our concern right now, and we need relief from it. 

People are home with their kids, trying to home-school, getting their jobs done, and feeling overwhelmed. In times before the last Presidential campaign, I heard that Russia—hey, I want to be friends with Russia–and you don’t blame an entire country for the ills of a few. Still, I heard that they were dinking with our media to keep us off-kilter. Keep people off-kilter, and it’s easy to plant a belief. We are open and susceptible. Like how in the world did insurrectionists believe they could hang a Vice President for doing his job? Or resort to such violence anyway?

I had to write. I know you know all this, but we have few people to talk to about our concerns. We want to reach out and place a suave on wounded hearts, but we’re home, behind masks. 

We’re all in this together. Not one in the world is exempt from this virus scare except maybe some lucky aborigines who never heard of Covid19. However, they probably have their own concerns.

A little old lady at the eye doctor’s office, she had her temperature taken, she was feet away from anyone else, she had on two masks. See how frightened people are.

On January 7, a 34-year-old man admitted to a hospital in Bhutan’s Capital, Thimphu, with preexisting liver and kidney problems died of COVID-19. His was the country’s first death from the coronavirus. (And he was a tourist.) Not the first death that day, that week, or that month: the very first coronavirus death since the pandemic began. How did this poor underdeveloped country do it—A Coronavirus success story.

What to do? What to say? I’m just a person sitting in front of my computer typing my heart-felt best. And there you are, doing your heart-felt best. And I wonder what you and I can do to make a difference.

I have written before about beliefs, and probably will again. A belief is so firmly held that it’s like chipping cement to change it. We argue, not over who gets the biggest piece of cake, but over ideologies, which are thoughts. Of course, behind that belief is that something will be taken from us, or we will be forced to do something we do not want to do. That’s imprisonment, so I understand why we tenaciously hold our position. We want to be free.

Sometimes a belief does not serve the person, or they hold onto a theory such as when people thought the earth was the center of the solar system that to change their minds means to lose face. But to change in the face of new evidence is smart. And to allow change means that we have grown. That change ought to be celebrated, not, “Haha, I told you so.”

Most of us want to live and let live, but there comes a time when you realize you are being manipulated or lied to, and it boils the blood to watch injustice.

We have a strong sense of individualism in this country. We’re pioneers, adventurers, explorers, investigators, and inventors. We love doing what we do. Why then is there so much turmoil?

I’ve been taking care of business, being frustrated with my slow computer and a website that was giving me trouble. So today, I’m turning to the page and to you. 

I wanted to write, so I’m doing it. 

Perhaps I am writing “Morning Pages,” words for myself alone. 

I know the world is filled with words, and I wonder if it needs mine. Yet, my job is to write. It’s the job I have chosen for myself. I believe (ah-ha, see a belief) that writing is a transformational experience. I try to explain that to people in a little eBook, Grab a Pen and Kick-Ass, for that reason. I enjoyed doing it. It was directing people toward the pen and the page, not to teach them how to write; I list ten books that will do that, but because I believe writing is healing. 

In the March issue of Life Extension, I just saw that Matthew McConaughey has journaled since he was fifteen. How cool is that?!

Before I leave the subject of Beliefs, and I have written about them before, and probably will again, I have noticed how literal people are. You mention a myth, and many people do not see the symbolism, but instead run off to the gruesome, the diabolical, and the horrendous things people have done in the past.

My second daughter and I are writing a book in the form of letters. This is an excellent activity during these times. We are Elizabeth and Josephine, young archeologists in the 1920’s. Elizabeth discovered a gold coin, and we learned that there are three coins that together form a map to a treasure. The problem is finding the coins. One place Josephine will soon go is to the Yucatan. I have personally stood atop the pyramid, in the Holy of holies, that little room at the top of the Temple of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza. In our story, I go to find a clue or a coin I don’t know which. My point is my daughter asked me my interpretation of a frieze present at Chichen Itza of a Jaguar holding what has been interpreted as a heart. Curls come from his mouth appear to be flowing over the object in his hand (paw). To me, those curls look like his breath is flowing over the object in his paw, rather like God breathing life into Adam. The “Scholars” say that Jaguar is eating the heart. 

What do you think?

Well crap. When I visited Chichen Itza, I saw a frieze of the victor of the ball game. The Mayans built a ball court larger than a football field. (A whisper at one end of the court can be heard at the other end.) The victor of the game is represented as headless, with vegetation coming out of his neck. The guide said they decapitated the victor to ensure the crops. Well, that would really make a warrior want to win. My interpretation is that it is symbolic. The vegetation coming from his head indicated that they would have abundant crops. Did that mean they cut off his head? I prefer not. So argue with me. It’s a matter of interpretation. 

You see, I see, we all see, but we see different. Why is that? Our upbringing? Our genetics? Our past injuries served to form who we are. Some believed they could storm the Capital and threaten the Vice President. Some believe in throwing a tantrum if they don’t get their own way. Some believe that democracy should prevail and are endeavoring to make that happen. Some are afraid of losing their jobs or are in danger of their lives or those of their family, or the repercussions of going against the party line.

We need a Mr. Smith as in the movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington, starring Jimmy Stewart.

My telephone just rang. A certified caller from Georgia., I know someone in Georgia, so I answered it. It was Judy, the niece of my old friend June whom I have mentioned before. She is 97, and Judy took her from Eugene, Oregon, to Georgia, where she could place her in a memory care facility and look after her. 

June is on her way out. 

What an illustrious life she has had. An artist by choice, trade, and talent. I can foresee the celebration now. She will sashay into the group waiting for her on the other side– chocolate in one hand and wine in the other, saying, “Whoopie, what a ride.”

And now:

So, how was your morning?

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Thursday, December 10, 2020

A Survival Guide


Lowering your risk of catching Covid19, and/or recovering easily from it.

Stumbling really works…how I found this guy, I’ll never know, but I stumbled into him, and he blew me away. I have to share a bit of medical advice. It’s just snippets, I don’t know what I’m talking about all that much, but this interviewer and interviewee does. And I bet many of you, like me, want to survive this Covid19 invasion.

I had to search massively to find out who I was listening to, for he slipped his intro passed me so fast I couldn’t catch it.

He was interviewing Dr. Ron Sinha—I got that, but who was the interviewer? He understood physiology so well, I wondered who in the heck he was. And talk about upbeat. I loved him.

I found the Interviewer Ito be a DOCTOR, comedian, and Internet celebrity who goes by the name Dr. Z. His show is Z DoggMD, and his name is Zubin Damania.

Okay, let’s get on with it. I’ll post a few gleanings from the interview, and if you want to watch the entire show, I’ll give the link.

How to Survive Covid19:

First, a little background.  Covid19 is a metabolic disease.

That means it enters the cell and does it’s dirty work there in the mitochondria of the cell. If you remember, the mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. They are little organelles that float about in the cytoplasm of the cell. Dr Sinha used a cut-open watermelon to demonstrate the cell. The red is the cytoplasm (imbued with sugar of course), and a cut Persimmon stuck into the red is the mitochondria.

When the mitochondria become overworked, it shuts down, so the invading virus changes the cells metabolism. The mitochondria can actually die, and with that comes a decrease in ATP, a chemical-carrying molecule that transforms food chemicals into energy. 

Without the work of the mitochondria, the cell relies on the inefficacy of that red watermelon, uh cytoplasm, to do the work, and it does a poor job of it.

The overall density of the mitochondria increases with aerobic exercise. (Aerobic, means with air. It is exercise like walking, swimming, etc. vs anaerobic–that is fast intense exercise that, can’t be sustained for long like weight-lifting.) There can be many mitochondria in a cell. The greater their density, the more ATP produced, thus more energy. (There are a multitude of mitochondria is a sperm cell. That little bugger needs a lot of energy for his uphill swim.)

The reason some people get sick, or die from Covid19 is that their mitochondria is already compromised, and adding another attack overwhelms it.

There is a phenomenon in India called “India Enigma,” where people have very little reaction to the Covid19 virus. They are so resilient to pathogens that the body says, “What another one? Throw it at me.”

The reason old-folks and people with heart disease and diabetes contract or die of Covid19, is that, one, they usually live a sedentary life, probably don’t eat that healthily, and often have some health condition, thus their poor little mitochondria are maxed out.

Oh dear, and here comes the “Sedentary life-style. In the last few years, I have become so computer oriented that I sit a lot. Sitting is dangerous. However, you don’t have to rush outside and do manic exercise, just stand up every thirty minutes. So, I guess getting up to let the dog out 50 times a day is good for me. And now I’m going for a cup of coffee. You stand up. I’ll be right back.

I’m back. Regarding exercise, go at a level that would give you around 141 blood pressure, not up to 161 as in biking up hills. Although you might feel great afterward a push up a hill, that’s an Adrenalin rush, and the following day you won’t feel so great. Dr. Sinha says to exercise for fast recovery.

Dr. Sinha also uses an elastic band around his thighs when sitting so he can press outward against it, and thus increase his core strength. It’s one exercise you can do while sitting down.

When you begin to do more exercise and you get twiggy that’s good. It means your metabolism has sped up.

Tense muscles = tense mind. Try to relax the tension in your body.

You need a good Nitric Oxide level for heart health and circulation. Look for red fruits, and vegetables, and don’t use mouthwash. It kills your nitric oxide.

Vitamin D 3, has anecdotal evidence that it’s helpful in combating Covid19. Take 2,000 mg.

If you use sun exposure to obtain Vitamin D, go for one-half your burn time, and wear minimal clothing.

Dr, Sinha said he used to mistrust woo-woo, but now he is looking to ancient wisdom considering how much they knew without the use of modern equipment.

Regarding kids staying home: Many are learning resilience. Dr. Z says his daughter has been happy not to have to choose clothing every morning, and then face the judgment.

 Now she says she could go to school in a garbage bag.

 Now, take a lesson from your kitty. Lie on your back with all four paws in the air, and say, “I’m worthy.”

Friday, July 24, 2020

If We Stop Talking to Each Other, We’re in Deep Dodo.

 “Loneliness seems to have become the great American disease.”--John Corry. (Sent to me from a reader.) 





What do you think of parental controls—not for the kids, for us?


Google has announced that they will take down anything addressing the Covid19 virus that doesn’t follow the Mainstream Dialogue.


Facebook has censored dissonant voices regarding this lockdown. (Their choice since they are an independent organization, but strange to my way of thinking.)


What are they afraid of? 


Silly me, I thought an educated populous could listen to various sides, form a conclusion, and make up their own minds. Isn’t that the way juries work? Isn’t that what debate is about? 


I heard a comment by Dr. Christiane Northrup OBGYN (Famous for her book, Woman’s Minds Women’s Bodies) regarding a Medical Intuitive. His advice, she said, was the same she had put on twitter about a month ago. It was there for a mini-second, then zip-gone. He offered advice on how to lessen the pathogen load for people who have contracted Covid19. (Apparently, you can get a little dose or a big one depending on the length of exposure.)

Take a hairdryer, hold your hand over the exhaust, and blow the hot air into your face. Breathe the hot air for a minute or two, three times a day. Afterward, use a saline spray, something that moisturizes the nasal passages.


Notice that this offered advice, no claim. It doesn’t seem all that dangerous to me. 


Daughter dear offered another explanation for the reason the hot air worked. Remember the humidifier from the last blog? Humid air and the virus are incompatible. Perhaps the hot air evaporates the moisture within the nasal passages and thus creates a nasal sauna.


I’m just guessing. I have no data to support this idea. I just see no harm in it.


Today, however, I’m in a Quandary.


I have declared that I want to help people Survive and Thrive, so what is the best way to do that?


On the one hand, I can talk about various alternative theories as to why we have this virus in the first place. I can sympathize with people. I can comment on where this pandemic is going. I can rail on how easily people are manipulated when Fear is the motivating force. I can be depressed at how easily people give up their freedoms.


I know that the way to convince people of your way of thinking is to present them with a problem, let them stew in it for a while, then offer the solution. (Yea! Applause! You fixed it!)


Instead, I’m calling in the Light Beings.


Gather around all you little fireflies. By light beings, I’m not being airy-fairy—well maybe a little. To use the word LIGHT means to carry understanding, encouragement, support, and a belief that the light (knowledge) will win over the darkness. 


A light being is one who had taken back their power.


I have heard it said that women are carriers of the light. Not to insult any wonderful males, it doesn’t mean we have the answers, it means we carry the lantern to light up the trail.


Most of us have been feeling powerless. We can’t control this virus. We believe in free elections, but find that they aren’t. We want to follow laws, but find that instead we are following mandates given by people who aren’t professional, or scientists, and are basically shooting in the dark.


So, to enforce these mandates, they use fear, guilt, coercion, and social pressure.


If you wonder what I am talking about, it’s not the virus, it’s the ramifications from it. Such as:


Who benefits from this lock down?

  • Is there an agenda behind it?
  • Is there anything in this present scenario that smells bad to you?
  • Do you think the people in power have our best interests at heart?
  • Do they really care that much about our health?
  • Are they afraid that the virus will decimate the earth’s peoples, and they must stop it?
  • Is the desire to make money behind it?
  • Is this about control?
  • Do they want to immunize the entire population of the planet?
  • If you are not immunized, can you go travel anyplace, go where you want to go, like school and sports events?
  • Will they inject a chip in all of us verifying that we have been inoculated, and where we are at all times? If they—whoever they are-- start chipping us, where does that lead?
  • Do people know that aluminum is used in inoculations? Do they how dangerous aluminum is when injected into the body? 


We are advised to give up aluminum in frying pans and deodorants, where we absorb a small amount of aluminum. When aluminum is injected under the skin, we absorb 100%. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s as well as other adverse conditions. Do we want to risk it, especially when told this will end the pandemic? 


We got the Pharmaceutical Companies to remove the mercury, but now they use aluminum in immunizations.Isn’t there a safe alternative? Can we place controls on Big Pharma as they were prior to 1986? Is there a way to talk about this without fighting? It is so political we go into a polarization—like you’re either with me or against me.


Did you know that Vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability?


WASHINGTON – In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), creating a no-fault compensation program to stabilize a vaccine market adversely affected by an increase in vaccine-related lawsuits and to facilitate compensation to claimants who found pursuing legitimate vaccine-inflicted injuries too difficult and cost-prohibitive.



I experienced “Cognitive Dissonance” regarding the above commentary.


A few days ago, I didn’t know what Cognitive Dissonance meant. Dr. Christiane Northrup explained it to me. 


Imagine that you are a devout Catholic. You have gone to mass, given your confession, sent your son to be an altar boy. To your horror, you find that dear old Father Not So feel Good has been sexually molesting his alter boys.


Sweet old Father Not so Feel Good? No. How could he? I’ve told him my innermost secrets. I trusted him.


Coming face to face with a truth opposite your belief system is excruciatingly painful. That is Cognitive Dissonance.


It’s going to take a strong arm to hold up the lantern.


Are we up to the task?


Some believe this current state of the world is an Awakening. And many have been waiting for it. It’s hard though, just when you think the hero is about to win, the nemesis comes up with a new tactic. We have to remember that giving birth to humans isn’t easy, nor is giving birth to a new reality. As our primitive lizard brain holds on to its old views in new data, so do the denizens of darkness bring on a fresh onslaught of slings and arrows. 


We need a civil rights leader to rise up from the crowd and teach people about non-violent protests. (Protesters in Portland Oregon are getting tear-gassed.)  Remember Martin Luther King Jr.? I don’t know how he did it.

One principle many carriers of the light know is that when we push against a thing, it pushes back.

Another principle is that whatever we focus on tends to grow larger.

Focus on love and it grows.

Focus on worry and it looms up in graphic detail.

Focus on health and happiness and more is available for you.


I received this from a reader:


"I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time." by Charles M. Schulz. (You know him, the artist who created Peanuts)._


And I found this about the actor Bill Murray:

“Bill’s whole life is in the moment,” says Ted Melfi, who directed Murray in the movie St. Vincent. “He doesn’t care about what just happened. He doesn’t think about what’s going to happen. He doesn’t even book round-trip tickets. Bill buys one-ways and then decides when he wants to go home.”

Once he asked a cabbie in NY what he liked to do. The Cabbie said he liked to play the saxophone, but didn’t have much time to practice. Bill asked him stop the car, go to the truck, get out his sax, and while the fellow played his sax in the backseat, Bill drove the cab.

This inspires me, how about you?

It’s an attitude, a way to approach life.



On the home front:

Normally when faced with a manual to fix something I call my husband or grandson.


Last week I had to face a manual alone. It was a 16-page manual to format my book for its paperback edition. I did the interior. Then came the cover. I couldn’t for the life of me get mine to fit into their system, so I went with one of their templates which only changed the font of the title.


After hitting “I accept,” where I was like the proverbial check signer circling the sign line, I clicked, and they gave me the price of printing. My choices were from $8.31 to $250.00. I didn't think anyone would pay $250, so I  checked on $8.99.

That would give me a 38-cent profit, $9.99 would give a profit of 99 cents. I chose $12.99 at a $2.78 profit.  


I just got an email that my paperback book is alive on Amazon! No kidding right now! And I just completed it yesterday. It’s amazing that it worked, and so fast.


Well, daughter dear, you can have a real-life-hold-in-your-hands-book—and anyone else who so desires. Kindle or paperback, you choose.


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