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Thursday, December 10, 2020

A Survival Guide


Lowering your risk of catching Covid19, and/or recovering easily from it.

Stumbling really works…how I found this guy, I’ll never know, but I stumbled into him, and he blew me away. I have to share a bit of medical advice. It’s just snippets, I don’t know what I’m talking about all that much, but this interviewer and interviewee does. And I bet many of you, like me, want to survive this Covid19 invasion.

I had to search massively to find out who I was listening to, for he slipped his intro passed me so fast I couldn’t catch it.

He was interviewing Dr. Ron Sinha—I got that, but who was the interviewer? He understood physiology so well, I wondered who in the heck he was. And talk about upbeat. I loved him.

I found the Interviewer Ito be a DOCTOR, comedian, and Internet celebrity who goes by the name Dr. Z. His show is Z DoggMD, and his name is Zubin Damania.

Okay, let’s get on with it. I’ll post a few gleanings from the interview, and if you want to watch the entire show, I’ll give the link.

How to Survive Covid19:

First, a little background.  Covid19 is a metabolic disease.

That means it enters the cell and does it’s dirty work there in the mitochondria of the cell. If you remember, the mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell. They are little organelles that float about in the cytoplasm of the cell. Dr Sinha used a cut-open watermelon to demonstrate the cell. The red is the cytoplasm (imbued with sugar of course), and a cut Persimmon stuck into the red is the mitochondria.

When the mitochondria become overworked, it shuts down, so the invading virus changes the cells metabolism. The mitochondria can actually die, and with that comes a decrease in ATP, a chemical-carrying molecule that transforms food chemicals into energy. 

Without the work of the mitochondria, the cell relies on the inefficacy of that red watermelon, uh cytoplasm, to do the work, and it does a poor job of it.

The overall density of the mitochondria increases with aerobic exercise. (Aerobic, means with air. It is exercise like walking, swimming, etc. vs anaerobic–that is fast intense exercise that, can’t be sustained for long like weight-lifting.) There can be many mitochondria in a cell. The greater their density, the more ATP produced, thus more energy. (There are a multitude of mitochondria is a sperm cell. That little bugger needs a lot of energy for his uphill swim.)

The reason some people get sick, or die from Covid19 is that their mitochondria is already compromised, and adding another attack overwhelms it.

There is a phenomenon in India called “India Enigma,” where people have very little reaction to the Covid19 virus. They are so resilient to pathogens that the body says, “What another one? Throw it at me.”

The reason old-folks and people with heart disease and diabetes contract or die of Covid19, is that, one, they usually live a sedentary life, probably don’t eat that healthily, and often have some health condition, thus their poor little mitochondria are maxed out.

Oh dear, and here comes the “Sedentary life-style. In the last few years, I have become so computer oriented that I sit a lot. Sitting is dangerous. However, you don’t have to rush outside and do manic exercise, just stand up every thirty minutes. So, I guess getting up to let the dog out 50 times a day is good for me. And now I’m going for a cup of coffee. You stand up. I’ll be right back.

I’m back. Regarding exercise, go at a level that would give you around 141 blood pressure, not up to 161 as in biking up hills. Although you might feel great afterward a push up a hill, that’s an Adrenalin rush, and the following day you won’t feel so great. Dr. Sinha says to exercise for fast recovery.

Dr. Sinha also uses an elastic band around his thighs when sitting so he can press outward against it, and thus increase his core strength. It’s one exercise you can do while sitting down.

When you begin to do more exercise and you get twiggy that’s good. It means your metabolism has sped up.

Tense muscles = tense mind. Try to relax the tension in your body.

You need a good Nitric Oxide level for heart health and circulation. Look for red fruits, and vegetables, and don’t use mouthwash. It kills your nitric oxide.

Vitamin D 3, has anecdotal evidence that it’s helpful in combating Covid19. Take 2,000 mg.

If you use sun exposure to obtain Vitamin D, go for one-half your burn time, and wear minimal clothing.

Dr, Sinha said he used to mistrust woo-woo, but now he is looking to ancient wisdom considering how much they knew without the use of modern equipment.

Regarding kids staying home: Many are learning resilience. Dr. Z says his daughter has been happy not to have to choose clothing every morning, and then face the judgment.

 Now she says she could go to school in a garbage bag.

 Now, take a lesson from your kitty. Lie on your back with all four paws in the air, and say, “I’m worthy.”