Saturday, June 15, 2019

Jump In

Jump In—but you never know how cold the water’s going to be.

That’s the reason people dip their toes, but not you Jo, you jump where wise men fear to tread.

Sometimes jumping I works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Yesterday I tried for the entire day to post the first module of Jump In as I promised. However, the Great Powers That Be had other ideas. It simply would not let me post.
Is the Universe telling me something?

To not to? (That I shouldn’t go ahead with my course?)

Or are the Powers That Be throwing roadblocks in my way to see how committed I am?

It’s hard to tell sometimes, isn’t it?

Maybe there’s more I should tell, and I’m not telling it.

Maybe I shouldn’t post it at all.

Maybe my computer has so many near-death experiences that it is leery of another.

All that tests my resolve.

Why do I want to do this?

Is there something here I need to learn?

I had fun writing the seven modules. I felt it was beneficial to me, and so like a kid who found a big fat frog and rushes home with it to show his mother—I ran out to show you my course. Sometimes the mother is delighted with his find, other times she goes, “Yuck!”

That will be the same here.

That’s the way it is when you put your work out there. You are taking a chance people will go “Yuck.”

That’s the reason many don’t try or never show their work, or put it down because they think it isn’t good enough to show the world.

I have heard that when creating, you should care, do the best you can, but once released, don’t care. Go back and create some more.

Okay I’m back on point, when and if this course becomes able to be posted, I will tell you.

It’s your choice to read it or not.

Ta Da. I’m out of here.