Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Without Chalk

While going through a course called The Trailblazer this thought laser-beamed itself into my brain: I wanted to write a course of my own. 

My course wouldn’t be copying others, but whatever I have soaked in might spill out. 

I would focus on Believing, for if one doesn’t believe they will be successful, what’s the point of all those How-to’s?

I began a website titled Without Chalk for I liked the idea of it, that Sincerely means “Without chalk.” And that people are Sincerely without chalk. But when I began writing the course it named itself,Come On Baby Light My Fire” 

After all those cups of coffee I consumed while writing, the coffee seeped out of my fingers onto the keyboard and forced me to name the modules Latte' One through Six.

There is tea and water for not those not consumed by coffee.

Come on Baby Light My Fire is a journey into self-discovery.

Everybody wants to be successful. Yes, I mean everybody.

The sad thing is that along life’s pathway many of us forgot our dreams. If we do remember them, we don’t believe they will work, so we stop the effort necessary to achieve them. (Remember what plans we had as a six-year-old?)

It takes more than positive thinking to get things done. It takes action. The positive thinking will make it fun, and as you could see from my course, Believing is the most important component in achieving life's dream.

The great powers of the universe do not plant dreams into your heart and soul without also giving you a way to achieve them.

If you can dream it. You can do it. Don’t argue with me. 

The world is a naysayer. If you tell your big fat dream to your family, friends, teachers, they most likely will tell you to be reasonable, and follow the prescribed route. Artist starve, they say. You’re not likely to be a painter. Those other folks can do it, you can’t. You don’t have the talent or the smarts. You need a job.

So, we hide those dreams away in some secret place, and have fantasies about how life could be. And then we become disgruntled, depressed, and angry. We ask questions such as, “Why am I here? Is this all there is? How come some people can live their dreams while I end up in some no-end job?”

People need food, shelter, a mate, and one more component. They NEED to create.

And I don’t mean only the arts, for most of life can be creative, cooking, yard work that can be called landscaping, day to day tasks, “Snap the job’s a game.”

Don’t we rush home from the “job” to do our “puttering?”

Maybe puttering is the job. 

Imagine doing the thing you would do without pay, yet still get paid for it.

I think of the woman who liked to watch soap operas. Her creativity led her to create TV Guide, where she could write a brief plot recap for those who missed one of their Soups episodes. 

I don’t think the folks who believe the world is their oyster are depressed.

Here I am talking about success, when I hear that people are more interested in #How to build a website, or #How to start a blog, or #How-to make money blogging than in any success-oriented material.

Whoops, I blew it.

I’m not offering information on how-to Blog, write, conduct seminars, get ten thousand followers, or build that gizmo you’ve dreamed of for so long.

I’m here to get a shovel and help you dig away the debris that is standing in your way, and then you can learn to blog, or make money, or whatever it is you want.
It’s up to you to acquire the skills necessary for that. 

They say that one’s psychology is 80% of the battle in living the life we choose. If that is true, then we better get busy clearing the path to our greatness.

The six-module course, Come on Baby Light My Fire, will focus of re-wiring our brains so we can live the life we want, where we want, with whom we want, and doing what we want.

Isn’t that the Ultimate Success? 

And for my dear blog readers  I am offering a 50% discount. A little click will do it.