Thursday, July 30, 2020

Watch, Notice, Be Aware

Long ago, so the Legends Tell Us, the Mystics, Seekers and Shaman Bowed to Ra at First Light.


Now, so many years later, we find that the morning sun’s first rays are rich in red light. The red end of the light spectrum is Infrared, healing rays.

The morning sun is low in the sky. Thus, we are looking through a stacked-up atmosphere. Thick? (I’m so scientific). That atmosphere blocks out much of the blue rays—Ultraviolet (UV), which can burn us. (However, you know not to look directly at the fiery ball of the sun. I’m warning you again.)

When we lived in Hawaii, we couldn’t see the sunrises or sunsets for the trees stood in the way of them. I have written of this so many times you are probably tired of reading it. My mind goes back, though, when I begin talking about the sun. Fascinating that when you live on a tropical island where the day and nights are about an equal 12 hours, I would be up before the sun.  From where my computer sat in front of a wide expanse of glass, I would watch as the green became enlivened as though the morning goddess was slowly turning up the light level.

Why, oh why, thought, do we have to be on a tropical Island to stop and watch sunrises and sunsets? One day, Daughter Dear and I chased the sun down the coastline to escape the cloud cover and landed in Kona where the sky was clear. People had stopped alongside the road to watch the sun slowly sink into the water. (No sizzle.)

We stopped and watched it with them. 

We need to do more of that.

It would seem that sunsets might also supply this red light, although Hubby says that perhaps the evening atmosphere blocks out more of the red. I don’t know. 

On the July 4 blog, I wrote of how the cells’ mitochondria (little powerhouses that float about in the cytoplasm of the cell) are activated by red light. The eyes’ retinas are rich in rods and cones, (cells), and thus in mitochondria. Since the eyes have a high energy need, and those little mitochondria become less efficient as we age, red light therapy can come to the rescue.


 “Deep red light reboots aging retinas like “recharging a battery?-- Nick Layars. 

The Journal of Gerontology, University College, London.


The ultraviolet (UV) rays –at one end of the light spectrum--can damage the eyes and give you sunburn.

 That's the reason I warn you so often.

 I'm writing this for all the people who responded favorably to my vision training blogs and asked for more.

 The sun produces three ranges of radiation --UVC, UVB, and UVA.

Featured snippet from the web:

Short-wavelength UVC is the most damaging type of UV radiation. However, it is completely filtered by the atmosphere and does not reach the earth’s surface.

Medium-wavelength UVB is very biologically active but cannot penetrate beyond the superficial skin layers. It is responsible for delayed tanning and burning; in addition to these short-term effects, it enhances skin aging and significantly promotes skin cancer development. Most solar UVB is filtered by the atmosphere.

 The relatively long-wavelength UVA accounts for approximately 95 percent of the UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface. It can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and is responsible for the immediate tanning effect. Furthermore, it also contributes to skin aging and wrinkling. For a long time, it was thought that UVA could not cause any lasting damage. Recent studies strongly suggest that it may also enhance the development of skin cancers.


 UVC has the shortest wavelength of light, and is the most damaging. If your eyes are tired, sore, and gritty after a day at the beach skiing or boating, you may have experienced UV radiation exposure. 

 (People unconcerned about the ozone layer should look into this. I hear the hole in the ozone is healing –thank heavens. Let’s keep it healthy.)

Although direct sunlight is hugely damaging, reflected UV rays can be even worse. 

Grass, soil, and water reflect 10%

Fresh snow 80%

Dry sand, 15%

Seafoam 25%


Now we move to the good stuff:

Infrared radiation (FIR)

Studies have found red light to stimulate cells and tissue.

“Saunas and specialty lamps (like heat lamps we put over baby chicks, and the ones in Zoos to keep tropical animals warm have become “safe and effective.” [Abstract, Fatma Vatansever, and Michael R. Hamblin]

 “Thermal radiation, Infrared, has been used effectively for millennia to treat or ease certain maladies and discomforts.” (After childbirth, women who have sustained injury are given heat lamps.) 



This morning I was acutely aware of how clear everything was and thought how lucky we are for vision--and in color. How perfect is that?

We forget how blessed we are when we are grumbling about being locked down, controlled, etc. Not that we should take any loss of our freedoms lying down, no indeed, if we don’t claim freedoms for ourselves, there are plenty who will take them from us. (And it appears that they are.)

Whoops, I Looked at What Is

A few days ago, on a day built for basking in the sunshine and walking along the river, my husband and I followed a sidewalk along the Willamette River. I told my daughter that with all the beauty out there, I could forget any Coivid19 virus existed except for people walking along wearing masks. 

That’s the purpose,” she said, “to remind us that there is danger out there.” She has heard that the wide-spread of masks is called “Security Theater.” Maybe “Political Theater.” 

Is this submission of the public?


What to do? Who to believe? To mask or not to mask? Another way we can choose sides and rail against the one that differs from our team. 

Yesterday I fell into the web of despair after reading and hearing about where all this could be going. Altering our DNA to produce immunity to this virus? (First tomatoes and corn, and other vegetables, now genetically modifying human beings? Stop it. Find another way.) 


This morning I needed a reality check. Instead of looking at what is, look at how I want it to be. Are you like me and listen to motivational talks, but still fall off the wagon? (Remember old Zig Zigler said,

So, this morning I got in the car, loaded a CD into the CD player, and took myself to Dutch Bros for an iced coffee. As I sat and listened to the tape, I realized that I kept forgetting that’s it’s ATTITUDE which creates. 

 Most people respond to what is—to what they see and hear, and allow that to drive their emotional state.

Instead, we ought to set our emotional dial on the upbeat, feeling good aspects, and allow them to come to us. Attitude determines our joy or unhappiness.

I keep forgetting 

We came to this planet excited, like children going on a picnic. We expected it to be fun. And then we became mired down by the ones that don’t believe that. I guess they think they were dragged into life kicking and screaming. Maybe they were treated poorly as children. Perhaps they believe life is a veil of tears as it has been written.

You can go there if you want, but it doesn’t make for a fun existence. Don’t believe what I’m saying? Think of this: A few people have enormous wealth. The others are working hard for their bread and keep. So, what if we divide all the money up and give everyone a share. Soon, all the money will be back in the hands of the ones who were rich before. We divide up the money again—the same thing. Soon a few will have the lion’s share of the wealth. What’s going on here? 


The ones without (Money, fine houses, whatever it is they want) complain. The ones with (all those things) are enjoying their wealth. It’s fun having money, they say. They enjoy the gathering of it. 

I’m not saying this is fair or right, or that rich people are honest or even nice. I’m saying their ATTITUDE creates the flow.

Last night my attitude smelled like a litter box. 

I’m climbing back up the attitude ladder.

I know I began this blog talking about red light, and that can help our eyes, our health and our well being, then I segued into talking about the virus. It appears we can't escape it. It is affecting every aspect of our lives.

Heavens, a little 92 year old lady my daughter cares for (oh, today is her birthday, I guess she's 93) is sequestered away, as safe as they can possibly make her. She sees only the caregivers. and her doctor, yet she is deathly afraid she will get the virus. And what does she do? She watches the news on the hour, with the death toll being the most appealing. (I guess it’s like the fascination of a train wreak.)

We had influenza's before, but we didn't lock down the world, reboot the economy, put people out of work, and chase them home to do their work in private where they do not talk to another living soul. 

Now people are dying of loneliness, and one person I know developed emphysema from wearing a mask all day.

When are we going to stop taking this? The media will keep throwing death numbers before us to keep us off kilter. My other daughter showed me a graph of pandemics, where the flu of 1918 was a 5. We're a 2. Most of the people who die are elderly. I'm sorry. I don't want anyone to die, but look at it this way, their health is compromised. Every year people die of the flu. I don't like it. I hate it. but it's a fact.

Now they are interfering with how people relate to each other.  I saw one sign that said if someone is coming your way, go the other.

This is crazy.

When are we going to say enough is enough?

Oh yes. A savior is coming in the form of a hypodermic.

Stop it. Don't let them do it to us. Stop being a victim. Take control. Don't fight, just get into your heads what reality is and then we might all laugh when a hypodermic needle comes at us, and say, “No, thank you.”

Wouldn't that take the steam out of things?

Remember back to the Peace marches when one slogan was,

Would they then shut down the borders, close the airports to anyone with out a pass? Would they close  sporting events, concerts, wide gatherings--no more Woodstock. (Thirty thousand kids peacefully gathering, and that was in 1968. and you know what else was happening in 1968? A pandemic.

This sounds like a Police State to me. Does anyone else see it that way?

Isn't quality of life high up on our list of priorities?

By virtue of my age and having live through some things, like the assignation of JFK, and Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr, and John Lennon—a time when they were killing our peacemakers, I’ve earned the right to yell a bit.

Most people now don‘t remember the rationing of certain foods even after WWII  had ended. (My family gave their sugar rations to my mother so she could make Christmas candy.)

I’m saying we came from strong stock. Remember what American was built on?  FREEDOM. Freedom  which gives ALL the right to pursuit happiness. And they didn't say, "Just white people."

It’s time we reclaimed our power. Be strong. Be courageous. Don’t let anyone control your destiny—which is to live in joy.

Be grateful for the things you enjoy, and sweep out the things you don't. Time for house cleaning.

Imagine that the Universal Consciousness is like a child who appreciates being appreciated. (As do we.) Perhaps The-Great-Power-That-Is shines It’s light on those who are grateful, and says, “Well done.”

Native American saying: "Give thanks for the unknown blessings already on their way."

Regarding my “Newsletter, that is really a journal: 

I’m still on the path through the jungle searching for the spot where the tiger belches. It’s that place where we realize our purpose, our direction. Paulo Coelho’s little shepherd boy in


His Personal Legend is his destiny. 

Sometime along the trail, we are met with obstacles.

I have committed myself to a year of writing “Where the Tiger Belches.” Will it take us a year to find that spot? What if the tiger is still standing on that spot when we find it? Does he belch loud enough for us to hear it a long way away? What if we find it on issue #3? Have I painted myself into a corner? Is this Newsletter worth the price? You decide.

I’ll keep on keeping on.

 There’s a lot of trust going on here.


The second issue of Where Tigers Belch was released on July 21, and will come out of the 21st of each month. each issue is $1.99.

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