Thursday, August 27, 2015

From Africa to Purse Pups

I awakened on Tuesday morning missing Peaches and Bear.

The night before, daughter and I visited Golden Labrador puppies, turned out to be a puppy mill—that gave us cause for pause, although the puppies were adorable, I don’t know what to do with that information—numerous dogs in kennels, probably never get to run like a normal dog, never have an owner to bond with, but they do have other dogs. The owner is probably operating within the laws, size of runs, cleanliness, etc.  I also played with an exuberant shelter pup coursing through town on the way back to California. I declined both.

The next morning, Tuesday, my day off, it became clear that I wanted a small dog. I checked out poodle mixes on the Internet, and found two I was interested in in the Portland vicinity. I made an appointment—the woman was willing to drive from Vancouver to the airport area to meet me. I said I would call when I got to Willsonville, about 40 minutes away as she requested.

Wilsonville. There is a pet store in Wilsonville daughter and I visited on an earlier occasion—might as well check it out while I am here.

And there she was.

The pup I couldn’t refuge.

My pup.

A Mal Chi—A Maltese/ Chihauhau mix. A Purse pup.  An adorable, smart, gentle dog. She is so small she makes the cats look big. (So far, so good, no cat attacks, no dog attack.)

I was embarrassed to tell the lady I wasn’t coming, but divine providence had led me to the pup that felt right.

The day before, Monday, I finished a novel—finished? If a book is ever finished. It is completed enough to enter a contest. And that’s where  “Africa” comes in.

Miss Sara Rose a retired school teacher from King’s Valley Kansas, has a dream: That is to ride a river in Africa.

Song of Africa is  a love story, a story of age, longing, self-discovery, following one’s dream, and finding love when you least expect it—I began it some thirty years ago. I found the ending this month.

My friend says, “A spinster? That won’t fly.”

Yes it will.

On her river Miss Sara Rose finds the love of her life, someone to articulate her soul’s search, and finds that no matter the age, we want our lives to be magnificent and outrageous.

I’m entering Song of Africa in a Harlequin Romance contest.

The First Chapter is there. By September 21 the entire manuscript must be. It will be judged by their judges on voice, content, and writing skills. If I make the first cut of 50, and here is the clinker, after that it will be up for popular vote. I do not have ten million followers so probably I don’t stand a snowballs chance in you know where. However I’m giving it a shot. I am releasing it to the powers of the universe.

A reader can vote once a day. I can imagine that many applicants will have a calloused pointer finger by the time this contest is over.

If you are interested in a look-see, go to:

I will love you for it. Thank you, and don’t forget to vote. Yea!

P.S. This book has a spiritual bent. I don’t know how that will fit in with Harlequin.

We’ll see.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Did I tell you that Peaches ‘ Veterinarian donated money to the Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine in Peaches’ name. I am honored to have Peaches honored. (And Peaches helped me find the pup.)

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