Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bold Statement

In my bold statement above I realize I have not addressed some of the points in my description. It sounds like a hodgepodge.

It is.

I know I break all the rules of focus, of having a brand, and of aiming for the big traffic. Not that I wouldn’t like to have people read the words I slave over, (kidding, I do it because I want to). It’s just that I suck at #marketing.

I have not addressed that you ought to believe in this life, but I think it’s foolish not to.

I believe our life has a purpose, and I believe in #Free Will, and that some souls come in with a blueprint, while others make it up as they go along.

I believe that the earth needs souls like you to bring in the light. I believe those with a high consciousness raise the entire consciousness of the planet, and I want to band with those people.
I think that many have lost heart. They think the world is screwy, that the government is corrupt,  that #pharmaceutical companies lie to us, and that most ads, including #elections, manipulate us.

That may all be true, but listen, folks, remember what John F. Kennedy said, "The problems were made by man, and therefore can be solved by man."

Soup box for the day, and yep, I think there is life beyond this world too.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Shellfish and Strawberries? Who knew.

Rather makes me hungry.

I was going to wish you a Happy #Solstice today.

But I’m a day late.

It was yesterday.


My husband and I were married on the summer Solstice, June 21. So I always thought the solstice hit on June 21.

Not this year.

This year it was June 20. The #Strawberry Moon coincided with the solstice yesterday. And here I was thinking it sounded so romantic, our anniversary, the solstice, the longest day of the year, an astrological event that hadn’t happened since 1967, and won’t again until 2062. We could have dinner on an outside patio and watch a pink moon rise over the horizon.

Not pink, you say?

Maybe it will be gold for it hangs low in the eastern sky—which, when I was growing up, we called a Harvest Moon. The Algonquin Native American tribes named this astrological event the Strawberry Moon because it occurs right at the height of the season when strawberries are harvested. It told them it was time to harvest ripe fruit.

Google tells me that the day after the solstice--that’s today--is great crabbing and shrimp harvesting time.

So today I fantasize about sitting outside on the day after the longest day of the year, watch the harvest moon rise, and eat crab and strawberries.

Sounds good to me.

Happy day after.

On the last blog, I mentioned the Chinese Crested dog…the one my little Sweet Pea is turning into. Notice her hind legs? Not only are they naked, but she is a pinto.

And then someone else took over...

The evolution of animal stacking...

                                    click here

Saturday, June 18, 2016

"What?" The Most Repeated Word in Any Household

Do you have a cat that likes to sleep on your computer keyboard?

If I leave a warm computer for one minute, there will be a cat on it. And nine times out of ten I leave the lid open.

Obi has written 45 pages of I”s, and as many“W’s. ” He has turned my chrome off and turned the screen sideways. It takes three keystrokes to turn it back vertical, so I guess it takes three keystrokes to turn it horizontal.  Now that’s one multitasking cat.

He’s cute. He’s adorable. He likes to keep his butt warm.

I’m the one who can’t remember to close the lid.

He likes to sleep on that too.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject of animals, my little Sweet Pea turned one-year- old this week, June 14, 2016. And she has turned into a Chinese Crested dog.

They told me she was Maltese/ Chihuahua.


Her back legs have become naked and spotted, and her front legs are following close behind. (This is the first time I’ve known front legs to follow the back ones, but that’s the way it is.)

She kind of funny looking from the back, but has a darling face—with fur. Online they say a Chinese Crested can be with fur or without, and sometimes the owners shave them to give their coat some semblance of order.

When my trainer and I were discussing that she looked like a Chinese Crested, she said, “Well, you’ve got one. and put sun screen on her.”

The Chinese Crested is old breed, from Chinese Royalty. When I asked the trainer what they were bred for she said, “To climb under the covers and keep your feet warm.”

Sounds good to me.

Well,  it’s been a quiet week in Junction City except for my animal drama and my psychological ups and downs.

To write? Not to write? What am I doing here? You know, life's persistent questions...

The Dance of the Chinese Crested. This is not Sweet Pea, she still has more hair.