Thursday, July 9, 2020


“Comet Lovejoy releases as much alcohol and sugar as 500 bottles of wine every second.”


Comet wine, now there’s a product. Catching the comet, though, that’s the tricky part.


You can tell I’m file clearing. I ran into some old notes and found out about comets. It’s not pertinent to this blog, but fun. I didn’t remember that comets contain sugar and alcohol. I did remember that the planet Jupiter protects the earth from flying asteroids. Because of its size and gravitational pull, it sucks up space debris. Thank you, Jupiter.


Maybe I do have a point, remember Hale-Bopp, the comet pulled into Jupiter in 1997? It was discovered by two amateur astronomers, Hale and Bopp.


You don’t have to be a whoopee-do PhD, a BS, MS, MBA or M.S, to accomplish great things. 


I know you have it in you to create something tremendous. 


Who would have thought a black man could be elected as President of the United States. 


In 2009, the moment Barack Obama won the U.S. Presidential election, my daughter and I whooped and jumped up and down. Well, we jumped as much as an eight and one-half month pregnant woman can jump—her, not me.


It was the dawning of a new age, we thought, a monumental day. Daughter Dear had even named her new kitten Hope, Obama’s slogan. (Remember Hope, our Oregon cat transported to Hawaii?)


In Hawaii, Hope had free run of 20 acres and would run up the tree beside the lanai, jump onto the roof, and kitty-patter across it. At the close of her exercise session, she would come in the window we left open. Oh, we left all the windows open but didn’t repair the hole in one screen. That was left for Hope. (More in The Frog’s Song.)




Maybe there is a hole somewhere where Hope for us can come in.


Hope that we will survive this present scare stronger than before.


Hope that black and white and yellow, red and green, will see each other as equals. And we will see men and women equal in value.


OMG, last night, I listened to Whitney Houston sing, Dolly Parton’s song, “I Will Always Love You,” Tremendous. It’s still ringing in my ears.


My desire here is to blog and help people Survive and Thrive, and part of thriving is to have hope, to appreciate, to be grateful, to laugh, and to have fun.


I’m grateful we bought this house four years ago. One reason is that every spring, it gives me continual bouquets for about three months.

Today, the center one is Oregano--however, the flowers smell sweet, not like Spaghetti.

 Appreciate the flowers, it's better than watching the news which can get under your skin like a cockle burr. I know once in a while I get into world conditions. The promised land is still out there, pulling us toward it, waiting for us to claim it.


This is a time of awakening to our true nature, which isn’t being small, but thriving, magnificent human beings capable of cleaning up the world, our resources, politics, and our psychological hang-ups. (I dream big.)


Do you believe things happen for a reason, or are events thrown at us randomly?


Yesterday as I was reading AARP magazine. Yep, we get it, I thought that perhaps this lock down will make us more resourceful. For example, they told what to do if you are alone and choke on a morsel of food. Double up your fist place it right in the V of your rib cage, and with the other hand, PUSH HARD AND FAST.

If that doesn’t dislodge the bite, throw your stomach area over the back of a couch. You may already know this, but embed it in your memory, so you’ll remember in moments of crisis.


During this moment of upheaval, we have an opportunity to clean up our own acts. But I know how that goes, you declare something for yourself, like you will be more patient, or kind or loving, and what happens? 


The opposite comes up. You fly off the handle. You yell. (Oh, is that just me?) It’s like, “Don’t think of a white elephant in the room."


It’ll happen. You'll think of the white elephant. I have a horrible picture I accidentally saw that dropped me to my knees. Late at night as I am about to fall asleep my brain likes to show me that picture. It’s that old lizard brain afraid it’s losing control and throws a tantrum. But you can win out over a little old lizard, you're a Mammoth.




A funny thing happened on the way to my store. 


I sold three items for $30.00, and it cost me $30.71. I dumped those suppliers, maybe it wasn't their fault for I wasn’t charging enough, and I went with free shipping—that can eat up the profit.


Back to the drawing board. 


After hearing a comment from Celine Dion, who said she sang her song 29 times and told the producer, “Don’t you think I got it in 29 times?” He said, try once more. The 30th was the hit.


I don’t know how anyone could sing the same song 30 times with the energy she puts into her voice, but that’s a professional.

I used to think all my drafts meant I was stupid, (Like in my eBook Where The Birds of Eden Sing). Now I see I am incrementally working my way up. I do need to submit the manuscript for the physical book by the end of the month and I'm scared.


Regarding Jo’s Store, Books, and Coffee,


I always wanted a bookstore. Perhaps not always, but the idea of drinking coffee and reading while curled up on a cozy couch on a beautiful patio gets my nerve-endings quivering.


“The author and the reader know each other: they meet on the bridge of words.”—Madeleine L’Engle

Saturday, July 4, 2020

I’m Delirious, Grateful and Amazed


As I travel down the trail looking for *Where Tigers Belch--you know looking for my special purpose--Ha, I am delighted to find road signs along the way. 


First, one of my blog readers will comment on a post (Bless their hearts). I will look up the blog post because I didn’t remember that particular post. “Hey, I need that.” I say.


(By the way, I read all your comments, thanks.)


Second, I started an online store—having my husband out of work has kicked me into action (Damned virus). And since I decided to sell some eBooks, I find information I wrote long ago, like How to Have Everything You’re Always Wanted, and A Dog, God & Me, which is really a conversation with God. I needed both of those. So, I revamped them, checked for errors, took my advice to heart, Pdf-ed them, and Viola’ got them on the shelf.


Third, as my daughter and I walked the dogs yesterday evening, she said to me, “Do you want to hear my take on the Law of Attraction?”


“Absolutely,” I say.


So, as the dog’s pee on bushes and fill their noses with scents of dogs’ long gone, she tells me that she thinks our emotions are the key. It’s as though we have a built-in guidance system, she says. If you feel worried, angry, resentful, you are far away from what you want. When you feel peaceful, happy, and delighted, you’re on. Your feelings are the key. 

For a long time, we’ve heard how emotions rule the way we progress through life. My daughter brought it right down and personal. It’s how you feel. It’s playing hot and cold.

Far out!


Back to Jo’s Store  # Jo’ s—


For years dreamed of having a bookstore. Well, here’s my chance now that we have gone virtual. I would like to offer coffee, but virtual coffee just doesn’t satisfy like a real live hot steaming cup of java. Setting up the store has been a process, but my back doesn’t hurt from the lifting. 

Please visit for I will be adding items, other stuff besides books as time goes on. And it’s fun to browse.


Think of bells tinkling when you walk in the door. The fragrance of brewing coffee tickles your nostrils. You look around at books on the shelves and notice the scent of paper fresh off the press. You find a FREE item to read, (both How to Have Everything and the first issue of Where Tigers Belch are free. You go to the counter, fix your coffee, black, cream, sugar? Or decide on the tea beside it—regular or herb. There’s ice for iced coffee or iced tea, and alongside the ice are two bottles of wine, red and white. Help yourself.


You take your drink and your read out to the patio, and there on the couch, you snuggle between soft pillows, prop your feet up and sip and read. Two of my favorite things. A perfect store.


Complete with your beverage and book, you decide to go into the store and check it out.




For those who expressed interest in Vision Training and wanted to know more…


There will be an eBook coming out in the future on Vision Training. 


Recently, my husband said that he had been going to the roof patio at lunchtime, and while sitting there, he would close his eyes and allow the sun’s rays to fall on his closed eyes. (DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN- if you do, you can go blind. Lesser case scenario, I will come and smack you.). After a few days of letting the sunshine in, he noticed that the hills that are often misty, have become clearer, even on days when they are behind a fog. 


This phenomenon is something we are going to pursue. 


As our bodies age, specific components deteriorate. It appears that the retina of the eye ages sooner than other parts. Thus, people notice a change in their vision around 40-years-of-age.


A new study has discovered that “Red-light therapy can help arrest this process.


Hitting the eyeball with the right wavelength of light has been found to “recharge the retinal batteries.”


Apparently, having one’s eyes closed filters out the blue light waves and allows the red ones to hit the retina, as my husband was doing out on the patio.


The retina of the eye is rich in mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cells. They can be found floating about in the cytoplasm of the cells. The retina, with its high energy needs, has a dense population of these little powerhouses.


The University College London (UCL) looked at the potential for manipulating the performance of mitochondria. They found that red-light helped produce the energy-rich molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP.)


Glen Jeffery, the lead author of the study, says that with an aging population, we need to try to stem this decline. He thinks that red-light therapy can help re-boot the aging retinal cells.


I have an engineer working on this issue, so there will be more later. But please note I am not a doctor, or a technician, only an interested layperson. So be careful, don’t begin shining red light in your eyes until we find out more. This is for information only.


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