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The other day somebody asked me if I had a Newsletter. 


I didn't then.


I do now.


Should I write one? Why? And would anyone want to read it?


I'm not a big whoopie-do person, but I have many irons on the fire. And as I am easing into the home stretch of becoming a Real Estate Agent—perhaps there is something of interest regarding Real Estate I could provide. Only if it's funny, entertaining, or worth the effort to read. Real Estate can be so dry. I want it to be fun. 


I love getting a new house. But I hate going through the underwriter's process of getting a loan. They want everything but your firstborn child. Maybe I can make that process easier for people. Like, think how much fun it is to have clean cupboards and to place cherished items in an empty house and make it yours. They say that moving is stressful. I like new houses—well, the actual moving of furniture and stuff is wearing, but like camping in a cold, miserable tent can be taxing; in the morning, though, climbing out of a sleeping bag feels like being born again. And those dew drops on the ground cover, are like pillows full of the Fourth of July.


You longtime blog readers, please forgive me for retelling this story, but new readers don't know it, and here I am talking about houses. 


When we bought our first house in Riverside, California, I, with my little two-year-old daughter, visited the empty house. In the living room, I looked up through clerestory windows, and to my utter surprise and amazement, I saw a peacock looking down at me. 


To double my amazement at seeing a peacock, not long before, I discovered that the peacock was my totem animal. 


He came to me during a guided meditation. In my mind's eye, I walked down a forest path until I came to a group of bushes. "It's okay," I said to whoever was hiding in the brambles, "you can come out. It's safe." I expected a cute little furry animal to hop out, or maybe a deer.


A peacock in all his glory, strutted out.


Later I revisited those bushes and asked the peacock why he stayed hidden in the bushes. "Because," he said, "Here I am, the only peacock."


Whoa. That was telling. I, like the peacock, stayed hidden because I was afraid to strut my stuff. 


But that's not the end of the story.


We bought two different houses in San Diego, so see, I’m acquainted with buying houses, and then, fast forward. We moved to Oregon, and bought another house.


After our two daughters had graduated from college, (Don't all parents time events by their children's age?) We were preparing to build a log home on forested property.


We didn't hoist logs. Somebody else did it with the help of Sweet Marie, the crane, our log home designer, loaned us. And I drew the house plans—no hallways unless you call a sunroom one. One evening, before construction, my husband and I walked the road in front of the property, and what did we see? 


A peacock running with a family of wild turkeys.


Ten years later, we moved to Hawaii—no peacock. Then, we moved back to Oregon and bought a small house outside Eugene. Before moving in, I took my little dog, Sweet Pea, and a box of crystal glasses to place in the empty house. And looking out a bedroom window, I saw a peacock sitting on the fence. 


Can you imagine? I was yelling. “Sweet Pea, come look. It's a peacock! I can't believe it. A peacock!" She ran around, trying to see what had excited me. But, again, I couldn't believe it, a peacock in the sleepy town of Junction City, Oregon. 

(Four years later, he still wanders the neighborhood.)


Regarding the house in Riverside, CA, unbeknown to me at the time, it was up the hill from the City Park where the peacock lived when he wasn't on our roof.)

Maybe I'm a slow learner, and it takes three peacocks for me to get the message. 

Maybe he came to bless the houses.



Back to our Real Estate Agency. My daughter will be the Principal Broker, and I will work under her. (Hee hee, she is responsible to see that everything is accurate.)


We are using a Pink Flamingo as a mascot and calling the Agency Vibrance Real Estate Agency LLC. A vibrant Pink Flamingo is significant for you see so many in people's yards. Don't think plastic, though; think of a beautiful vibrant, exquisite Flamingo symbol of perseverance and strength. 


As a power animal, the Flamingo has qualities of cooperation, beauty, brightness, joy, family, relationships, healing, open-heartedness, equality, alliance, clan/tribe ties, and destiny.


Let's go for balance. Can you stand on one leg as long as a Flamingo can?


While we are using the Flamingo for our Real Estate Agency, I am using a peacock here. My daughter and I have talked about getting a lady peahen for Prince Charming, our neighborhood peacock, for in the evenings, we sometimes hear his plaintive call. 


We don’t see much of Prince Charming in the winter, as he molts and loses his tail (Like now.) I think he’s embarrassed and hides, but come spring he will arrive decked out in all his grandeur.




 Thoughts for future newsletters:


More on our irons in the fire.


  • A few comments on Real Estate.
  • On aging. (Life after what 50, 60, 70?) Ever since I saw a question that popped up in my email on why live to old age. And another, "What do old people do?" I felt like ranting. And I will.
  • I'm here to support a vibrant life.


Feel free to respond to me, and if this rings your chimes, please sign up for future issues. It's Free, it's fun, and only by email. And I will ask Prince Charming to give you a tail high-five.


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Monday, October 24, 2022

Did Methuselah Really Live 969 Years?

If Methuselah lived 969 years, how could that be?

I don't know if they counted years the same as now. Perhaps they used a different calendar. But if people lived as long as indicated, how did they do it?

 In 1939 Dr. Suda Benet found an apparent error in the translation of the Bible. Not about Methuselah, but about anointed oils. Hold on, this applies.


The Bible talks much about applying oils. And how specific individuals were "The anointed ones."


The anointed ones were the aristocracy, the priests, and the whoopie-do people in high places. The commoners were denied their use, forbidden to use them actually. 


#Methuselah must have slipped through, for his claim to fame was simple. He lived for 969 years, then he died. At age 187, he fathered Lamech, Noah's father—well, that's impressive.


So, why did people live so long?


Today I became hooked on a presentation that came under the guise of "Interesting facts, 7 of Histories Strangest Coincidences."

 The coincidence was that 300 years ago, people's age dropped when Symmachus, a pope in Rome, decided to make Roma Christian. He translated the Hebrew Old Testament into Greek. For a clergyman who could read Hebrew and Greek, that was significant. 



The error in translation Dr. Benet found was an error for one ingredient in the anointing oil recipe. It was for--drum roll—can you believe—cannabis. 

I listened to a long, long, long spiel about anointed oils, complete with a pastor's own discovery of the recipe and how his wife had much pain and mobility problems, and he tested his recipes on her.

One day, after taking the anointed oil recipe for some time at a park picnic, a little boy accidentally threw a ball at his wife, and she agilely caught it. His congregation was shocked, for they knew her problems. They wanted to know what had happened to her. Long story short, the entire congregation soon took the Pastor's oils. His recipe took 33 tries, so I don't know if I have the proportions correct, but I'm not charging anything to tell this story, so you can take it as you will.

All the ingredients are anti-inflammatory, so I thought it made sense that it would help ailments. And now that CBD oil is in favor, we're good to go.

The presentation I listened to was about selling a book for $69.00 on how to make the recipe. No ingredients were included. 

Today I bought the raw ingredients, no infused oils, except for CBD oil, aka cannabis. Finally, I found a use for my mortar and pestle for raw ingredients need to be ground. 

Here it is The Lost Recipe of The Gods:

1.     Cannabis Myrrh

2.     Cinnamon

3.     Cassia flower

4.     Olive oil


Many recipes exist with varying ingredients, but I know that when people deviate from the original, many things, including recipes, lose their power. Thus, people lose faith in it, and it dies.

"The formula or recipe for sacred anointing oil is given in Exodus 30:23-25: "Collect choice spices—12½ pounds of pure myrrh, 6¼ pounds of fragrant cinnamon, 6¼ pounds of fragrant calamus, 24 and 12½ pounds of cassia—as measured by the weight of the sanctuary shekel. 

"…The olive oil, used as a base, equaled about a gallon. Blend these ingredients to make a holy anointing oil." 

(One gallon of olive oil weighs 128 ounces or 8 pounds.)

Scholars think the spices were boiled to extract their essences, the fragrant water was added to the oil, and then the mixture was boiled again to evaporate the water.

Well, it looks like I need to boil the raw ingredients. We'll see how that works, and I'm not going to make gallons, so I'm considering a 1-1/2-2-32-8 ratio. I don't know how much cannabis to use since I will use oil.

Here is another recipe if you want to use prepared oils:

24 drops myrrh essential oil

12 drops cinnamon essential oil

12 drops calamus (CBD oil)

24 drops cassia oil

32 drops olive oil

Would that ratio be 2/1/1/2/2.6?

Some have added Frankincense oil to the recipe.

(In Exodus 30:23:33. God tells Moses how to make 4.33 gallons of anointing oil. Maybe some of the oil was for use on the animals. Now many people are not only using the oil on themselves (or orally) but on their pets as well.



....a dad joke from one of my blog readers


Two turtles were walking down two different roads.  They were going their normal turtle speed but approaching an intersection at right angles. Plod, plod, plod.  It just so happened that they both came into the intersection at exactly the same time and ran (that's a stretch for a verb) into each other and both flipped over and were rushed off to a vet in an ambulance.  Inspector squirrel ran out to the scene and noticed there was a snail right at the corner and asked, "Mr. Snail, did you see what happened?  Please describe the scene!"  Mr. Snail said, "Yes I was there, but it happened so fast!"


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