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Friday, July 24, 2020

If We Stop Talking to Each Other, We’re in Deep Dodo.

 “Loneliness seems to have become the great American disease.”--John Corry. (Sent to me from a reader.) 





What do you think of parental controls—not for the kids, for us?


Google has announced that they will take down anything addressing the Covid19 virus that doesn’t follow the Mainstream Dialogue.


Facebook has censored dissonant voices regarding this lockdown. (Their choice since they are an independent organization, but strange to my way of thinking.)


What are they afraid of? 


Silly me, I thought an educated populous could listen to various sides, form a conclusion, and make up their own minds. Isn’t that the way juries work? Isn’t that what debate is about? 


I heard a comment by Dr. Christiane Northrup OBGYN (Famous for her book, Woman’s Minds Women’s Bodies) regarding a Medical Intuitive. His advice, she said, was the same she had put on twitter about a month ago. It was there for a mini-second, then zip-gone. He offered advice on how to lessen the pathogen load for people who have contracted Covid19. (Apparently, you can get a little dose or a big one depending on the length of exposure.)

Take a hairdryer, hold your hand over the exhaust, and blow the hot air into your face. Breathe the hot air for a minute or two, three times a day. Afterward, use a saline spray, something that moisturizes the nasal passages.


Notice that this offered advice, no claim. It doesn’t seem all that dangerous to me. 


Daughter dear offered another explanation for the reason the hot air worked. Remember the humidifier from the last blog? Humid air and the virus are incompatible. Perhaps the hot air evaporates the moisture within the nasal passages and thus creates a nasal sauna.


I’m just guessing. I have no data to support this idea. I just see no harm in it.


Today, however, I’m in a Quandary.


I have declared that I want to help people Survive and Thrive, so what is the best way to do that?


On the one hand, I can talk about various alternative theories as to why we have this virus in the first place. I can sympathize with people. I can comment on where this pandemic is going. I can rail on how easily people are manipulated when Fear is the motivating force. I can be depressed at how easily people give up their freedoms.


I know that the way to convince people of your way of thinking is to present them with a problem, let them stew in it for a while, then offer the solution. (Yea! Applause! You fixed it!)


Instead, I’m calling in the Light Beings.


Gather around all you little fireflies. By light beings, I’m not being airy-fairy—well maybe a little. To use the word LIGHT means to carry understanding, encouragement, support, and a belief that the light (knowledge) will win over the darkness. 


A light being is one who had taken back their power.


I have heard it said that women are carriers of the light. Not to insult any wonderful males, it doesn’t mean we have the answers, it means we carry the lantern to light up the trail.


Most of us have been feeling powerless. We can’t control this virus. We believe in free elections, but find that they aren’t. We want to follow laws, but find that instead we are following mandates given by people who aren’t professional, or scientists, and are basically shooting in the dark.


So, to enforce these mandates, they use fear, guilt, coercion, and social pressure.


If you wonder what I am talking about, it’s not the virus, it’s the ramifications from it. Such as:


Who benefits from this lock down?

  • Is there an agenda behind it?
  • Is there anything in this present scenario that smells bad to you?
  • Do you think the people in power have our best interests at heart?
  • Do they really care that much about our health?
  • Are they afraid that the virus will decimate the earth’s peoples, and they must stop it?
  • Is the desire to make money behind it?
  • Is this about control?
  • Do they want to immunize the entire population of the planet?
  • If you are not immunized, can you go travel anyplace, go where you want to go, like school and sports events?
  • Will they inject a chip in all of us verifying that we have been inoculated, and where we are at all times? If they—whoever they are-- start chipping us, where does that lead?
  • Do people know that aluminum is used in inoculations? Do they how dangerous aluminum is when injected into the body? 


We are advised to give up aluminum in frying pans and deodorants, where we absorb a small amount of aluminum. When aluminum is injected under the skin, we absorb 100%. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s as well as other adverse conditions. Do we want to risk it, especially when told this will end the pandemic? 


We got the Pharmaceutical Companies to remove the mercury, but now they use aluminum in immunizations.Isn’t there a safe alternative? Can we place controls on Big Pharma as they were prior to 1986? Is there a way to talk about this without fighting? It is so political we go into a polarization—like you’re either with me or against me.


Did you know that Vaccine manufacturers are exempt from liability?


WASHINGTON – In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), creating a no-fault compensation program to stabilize a vaccine market adversely affected by an increase in vaccine-related lawsuits and to facilitate compensation to claimants who found pursuing legitimate vaccine-inflicted injuries too difficult and cost-prohibitive.



I experienced “Cognitive Dissonance” regarding the above commentary.


A few days ago, I didn’t know what Cognitive Dissonance meant. Dr. Christiane Northrup explained it to me. 


Imagine that you are a devout Catholic. You have gone to mass, given your confession, sent your son to be an altar boy. To your horror, you find that dear old Father Not So feel Good has been sexually molesting his alter boys.


Sweet old Father Not so Feel Good? No. How could he? I’ve told him my innermost secrets. I trusted him.


Coming face to face with a truth opposite your belief system is excruciatingly painful. That is Cognitive Dissonance.


It’s going to take a strong arm to hold up the lantern.


Are we up to the task?


Some believe this current state of the world is an Awakening. And many have been waiting for it. It’s hard though, just when you think the hero is about to win, the nemesis comes up with a new tactic. We have to remember that giving birth to humans isn’t easy, nor is giving birth to a new reality. As our primitive lizard brain holds on to its old views in new data, so do the denizens of darkness bring on a fresh onslaught of slings and arrows. 


We need a civil rights leader to rise up from the crowd and teach people about non-violent protests. (Protesters in Portland Oregon are getting tear-gassed.)  Remember Martin Luther King Jr.? I don’t know how he did it.

One principle many carriers of the light know is that when we push against a thing, it pushes back.

Another principle is that whatever we focus on tends to grow larger.

Focus on love and it grows.

Focus on worry and it looms up in graphic detail.

Focus on health and happiness and more is available for you.


I received this from a reader:


"I have a new philosophy. I'm only going to dread one day at a time." by Charles M. Schulz. (You know him, the artist who created Peanuts)._


And I found this about the actor Bill Murray:

“Bill’s whole life is in the moment,” says Ted Melfi, who directed Murray in the movie St. Vincent. “He doesn’t care about what just happened. He doesn’t think about what’s going to happen. He doesn’t even book round-trip tickets. Bill buys one-ways and then decides when he wants to go home.”

Once he asked a cabbie in NY what he liked to do. The Cabbie said he liked to play the saxophone, but didn’t have much time to practice. Bill asked him stop the car, go to the truck, get out his sax, and while the fellow played his sax in the backseat, Bill drove the cab.

This inspires me, how about you?

It’s an attitude, a way to approach life.



On the home front:

Normally when faced with a manual to fix something I call my husband or grandson.


Last week I had to face a manual alone. It was a 16-page manual to format my book for its paperback edition. I did the interior. Then came the cover. I couldn’t for the life of me get mine to fit into their system, so I went with one of their templates which only changed the font of the title.


After hitting “I accept,” where I was like the proverbial check signer circling the sign line, I clicked, and they gave me the price of printing. My choices were from $8.31 to $250.00. I didn't think anyone would pay $250, so I  checked on $8.99.

That would give me a 38-cent profit, $9.99 would give a profit of 99 cents. I chose $12.99 at a $2.78 profit.  


I just got an email that my paperback book is alive on Amazon! No kidding right now! And I just completed it yesterday. It’s amazing that it worked, and so fast.


Well, daughter dear, you can have a real-life-hold-in-your-hands-book—and anyone else who so desires. Kindle or paperback, you choose.


·  Look Inside the Book. This feature will be available in 7 business days.

Friday, January 3, 2020


Something about 2020 seems hugely significant.  
Perfect vision, maybe?  
Okay, folks, here we go. First, before reading this, rub your palms together and place them over your eyes, lean your elbows on your desk and relax...give it a few minutes.  
Are you back? Now isn’t that better? Does the screen look a little sharper? Nope, not for me, I had to put on my glasses. But when you send love to a part of your body, can’t you feel it smile a little?  
My most popular blog of 2019 was the article I wrote on vision. “Check Your Eyeballs” February 19, 2019, and because I got requests for more information, I wrote “Hello Beautiful, Check Your eyeballs II, April 16, 2019.
 I’m wondering if anyone used the suggestions presented in those two articles. If so, what were their results?
You know, though, in speaking of 20/20 vision, I am talking about more than seeing with your physical eyes. I am also speaking about the clear vision of seeing with your heart, spirit, whatever you wish to call that mysterious knowing.  
But, let’s talk about physical vision for a minute: Remember this quote? “Suppose,” wrote Matthew Luckiesh, Director of General Electric’s Lighting Research Laboratory, “that crippled eyes could be transformed into crippled legs. What a heart-rending parade we would witness on a busy street! Nearly every other person would go limping by. Many would be on crutches and some on wheelchairs.”  
Fascinating isn’t it that the medical profession believes that almost every part of the body is fixable, but the eyes are mechanisms that can be helped only with mechanical means, like glasses and surgery.   

When the legs are injured, they make every effort to get the person walking again.  

I’m happy the optometrists and ophthalmologists have laser surgery and chemical treatment for serious conditions like glaucoma and infections. I’m not discounting how physicians can fix a detached retina, and other injuries, what I’m addressing is that there is more.  
With the eye, we have an extension of the brain reaching out into the world, and we know from other exercises such as “Patterning” (crawl therapy) that while the brain can teach the body, the body can teach the brain.   
Once my husband and I volunteered to help a teenage boy who, following a simple tonsillectomy, woke up unable to talk except for mumbling a few swear words. Neither could he sit or walk or crawl.  

When we left the program to have our baby, he could crawl--more like a scoot, down a hallway of his own accord.  

His parents were using the Doman-Delacato method to build new synapses. Doctors Doman and Delacato developed a system they called patterning for brain-damaged children. It was putting the body back to its crawl stage with the help of volunteers, and allowing the body to rewire itself.   
The way to do it is to have at least three people “pattern” the person as though he was crawling.  
 One person turned the head from side to side as two others moved the arms and legs into a crawling pattern.   
I heard that the author Roland Dahl used this method after his pregnant wife, Patrica Neal, had a series of strokes that put her in a coma for 21 days, It left her paralyzed, unable to talk, and virtually blind. Dahl knew that a brain will quickly die if not used and resorted to a brutal therapeutic program that restored the use of her body. However, she never regained sight in one eye.    
She and most everyone else thought her acting career was over. Yet, in 1968, three years following her strokes, she obtained an Academy Award Nomination for the movie, The Subject was Roses. 

 In 1963 she had won the best actress Academy Award for Hud, a movie with Paul Newman.    

Patrica Neal lived to be well into her 80’s.   

Aldous Huxley sent me down the Vision road after I read an account of his book, The Art of Seeing. I already knew of the Bates method having taken it professionally in San Diego in the later part of the 1980’s. When Huxley spoke so eloquently about sensing the environment as well as seeing it, I was moved to mention my own experience.   
Some people will grumble that the Bates’ method is dangerous or ridiculous, and it has been discounted by many. Yet, people had astounding results, myself included. I left my therapist with 20/20 vision.   
People jump on  “sunning” the eyes as dangerous. Yet they fail to read, DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN.   
I explained the procedure in Check Your Eyeballs. You close one eye, look down with the other, and while looking down, hold that eyelid up, allowing the sun to shine through the white of the eye--NEVER THROUGH THE PUPIL. You can burn a hole in your retina that way.  
You know how, when you go from the house out into the sunlight, how it can pain the eyes, or make you squint? I remember driving down the hill from Rancho Santa Fe into San Diego, and noticing that the sunlight didn’t hurt my eyes.  
Huxley wrote, “At the present time, my vision, though very far from normal, is about twice as good as it used to be when I wore spectacles, and before I had learned the art of seeing.”  

In the preface to the book, Huxley describes how, at the age of sixteen, he had a violent attack of keratitis punctata which made him nearly completely blind for eighteen months and left him thereafter with severely impaired sight. He managed to live as a sighted person with the aid of strong spectacles, but reading, in particular, was a great strain. As his reading ability became worse, he sought the help of Margaret Corbett who was a teacher of the Bates Method.  

Isn’t it strange how systems come and go, get discounted, are misused, and then swept away? Professionals poo-poo it, and people lose faith in it. It is so much easier to pop a pill or put on glasses.   

I wear glasses, but not all the time. Eyes, like our bodies, fluctuate, and I don’t want to force them to become fixed by a prescription. One’s general health or lack of it, tiredness, boredom, emotional states all affect the eyes. Using the Bates method takes a lot of work. It’s exercise. It requires discipline.   
But then, how much work does it take to stand up and swing your torso and arms from side to side allowing your eyes to softly sweep the room?   

How much work is it to look up from reading or the computer screen take your glasses off, and look to the distance? (Near to far.)
How much work is it to stop staring? Eyes are meant to move. Stop staring at objects, books, people.   

And some think that stress causes us to tighten the muscles around our eyes, and thus alter the shape of the eyeball. The idea is to relax those muscles.  
You will find on my sites that I am into Mind, Body, and Spirit, believing that we are a total entity and that everything works together. What affects one aspect of our lives is likely to affect another. 
Today, I tuned into Dr. Christiane Northrup (Women’s Bodies, Women’s Minds), who uses the Bates Method. She said that yes, she wears contacts, has since she was a teenager. However, unlike some who go to the doctor every year and are fitted for stronger glasses, her eyesight has not deteriorated.  
“People often ask me what is the most effective technique for transforming their life. It is a little embarrassing that after years and years of research and experimentation. I have to say that the best answer is—just be a little kinder.” 
--Aldous Huxley