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Monday, December 13, 2021

You Matter


"Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next."

– Jonas Salk


I need to be nicer to all those tiny atoms serving us, especially those inside my body. That extends outside of me, too, to the animals and plants. Golly, rocks are made of atoms. Water is made of atoms. I guess we are all connected. 


Have you heard of the "Split-beam scientific experiment? I had heard of it. Most of us have. Still, I didn't understand it. However, I was intrigued when I read Gregg Braden's account of it in his book, The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.


Why scientists thought of shooting a proton (a light particle) through a hole is beyond me, but it turned out to open the door to quantum physics.


I always wondered about people who thought metaphysical people were cuckoo and was tempted to ask, "Have you ever read anything about quantum physics? It's crazier than anything we can conjure. 


Were those scientists playing around in the lab one day, or were they seriously investigating light particles? I don't know. I hope they were playing, for much is accomplished with a glad heart.


The first split-beam experiment occurred in England in 1909 and is still being discussed today. Physicist Geoffrey Ingram Taylor found a way to shoot "the stuff of atoms," that is, quantum particles of light called photons from a projector to a target some feet away. He placed a barrier between the projector and the target. He must have figured something was afoot, for the barrier had two slits.


The thought at the time was that a photon is a particle. That proton was pulled out of the atom as a particle. Therefore, one would think it would go through a hole through which it was aimed, like a bullet, and hit the target on the other side.


However, the photons did something unexpected.


They passed through both holes.


Just as water can travel through a window screen as it thaws from ice to a liquid, Taylor's photons did something similar.



The photons, they surmised, instead of being a particle, became a wave, and that wave could pass through multiple openings.


This was mind-boggling. Because until that time, there was nothing in conventional physics that could change the nature of its existence.


Thus, a new kind of physics entered the picture—quantum physics. (A quantum is a packet of discrete energy.) 


Taylor and his associates asked these questions:


1. How did the particles know' there was more than one opening?

2. What caused the particles to change into waves to accommodate the two openings?



Then they went on to ask a third question.


"Who knew there was more than one opening in that barrier?"


Their answer? 


The people in the room.


Was it possible that the people's consciousness in the room influenced the particles?


This opened the door to something almost unthinkable at the time. It suggests something that the most ancient and cherished spiritual traditions have stated since the beginning of our existence: That thoughts and beliefs affect matter.


Yeah, I know, it's weird.


This experiment has been repeated many times with fancier and more sensitive equipment. In 1998 Israel's Weizmann Institute confirmed and published "Quantum Theory Demonstrated: Observation Affects Reality." 


They stated that photons are influenced by being "watched," The more intense the watching, the greater the watcher's influence on how the particles behave. 


When I first heard that experiments with atoms are influenced by being watched, I thought that we caught those tiny atoms sitting on the toilet, and they were embarrassed. So, they jumped up and did something else. 


I'm not up on the latest discoveries on what is happening with quantum physics, but I know that the old image of the atom as a nucleus with electrons buzzing around it like a solar system now has another view. Now there is a thought that the electrons that buzz around the nucleus are more like a fog. They are probabilities. 


Old though--that the electron, or electrons, are buzzing so fast that if you tried to touch one with a needle, you would always hit it. New thought—they are a realm of probabilities. There is a possibility of a particle being everywhere and anywhere.


Yeah, that boggles my mind too. 


We could take that further, but I don't want to go too deep into physics. Besides, I'm not a physicist. I'm a scout. I go around finding things and bring them home. I could be a hunter-gatherer, but I don't hunt animals. I hunt for ideas. And I like being a scout for I can ride my horse while searching for the best road to travel.


This view of the world as possibilities opens a whole new way of thinking. Some say this field of possibilities is consciousness, and everything happens in the field. That would explain why poking an atom in Los Angeles is instantly felt by its sister atom in New York.


Don't blame me. I'm only the scout.



Wednesday, May 13, 2020

This is Going to Be Weird

I'm guilty of it.

I know it, and yet, for some bizarre reason, I forget. 

It's the attitude that runs the show.

Daughter Dear reminded me that our thoughts are a built-in mechanism to tell us if we are on the right track.

Well, well, that's telling. 

If our thoughts run the show, we're in trouble.

We are used to reacting to what we see, hear, or feel. We bounce off reality, or what we think is reality. We jump to conclusions and rail against the injustice of it all.

Take this Covid19 scare, for example. We were driven by fear of getting sick, and of losing our lives. (Well, that's natural.) But, wouldn't it help a bit to focus on what we want instead of what is?

 I remember a teacher telling us to see the banquet table as full.

"But master, the table is empty."

"See it as full."

I can hear you…"Jo, for heaven's sake, don't be a kook. If there is a killer virus out there, it is prudent to protect yourself and those around you."

Yes, indeed, but to run scared and let the propaganda machine drive us into hidey holes without questioning is irresponsible.

Some say the virus isn't as deadly as we have been led to believe.

Can we test that?

Some say that people don't die of anything but Covid19. If a person goes into a hospital with a heart attack and dies—chances are it's labeled as "Killed by Covid19," for they tested positive. I've read that most people, if tested, have the antibodies for a coronavirus. Perhaps they've had a similar virus in the past. So, a large percent of the population would test positive.

Babies are born every day, and I'm sorry, but people die every day. We don't usually follow the numbers. 

But now, death numbers are thrown in our faces daily.


And where did this social distancing come from anyway?

Yes, wash your hands, keep your hands away from your face. Be aware of distance if someone is sick, disinfect. 

Grocery stores are carefully disinfecting, why can't business stay open? 

And there is unemployment.

The government wouldn't want to bite the hand that feeds it. If people aren't working, they aren't paying taxes.

Don't you smell something rotten in Denmark?

Yesterday I noticed how the media wants to keep the word "Killer" in front of our faces. (Oh, heck, it sells.) Now we have "Killer" hornets, and "Killer" white cap mushrooms.

Don't eat any mushrooms growing up in your yard, and get out the bug spray.

I read one blogger this morning who was depressed out of her gourd.

I refuse to go there.

I am grateful for medical science. I remember well the Polio rampage and how thankful we were for the Jonas Salk vaccine. TB used to be a death sentence. They would send TB patients to sanitariums, and they would get better for a while, then relapse and eventually die of the disease. Talk about living in fear. Cough up blood. Whoops.

What I'm not grateful for are FEAR-driven tactics that appear to be good for a few at the expense of the many. 

Have you ever had a feeling that something was amiss, but you're afraid you might be wrong? It concerns me for what if we wait too long to wake up? 

I have been grateful for vaccinations—my kids didn't get the measles or mumps or whooping cough as I did, they did get the Chickenpox before there was a vaccine. And I had a terrible scare with German measles, as my husband got it while I was three-months pregnant. I didn't remember ever having it. I was shot in both arms and legs with Gamma globin (a substance in the blood collected from many people, figuring someone had the antibodies for the three-day measles). All turned out perfect, but it was a worry. Before our time, many babies and children died of Diphtheria, and not anymore. 

However, and I hate to say it, but I'm beginning to wonder if Pharmacia companies have an agenda. What do they want to inject into us? Please don't let it be mercury or zinc or some of those chemical preservatives, or anything that would make us sicker or more susceptible to other invasions? (For which we need another vaccine.) Can we have all vaccines tested by a third party the way they test Cannabis? 

Have you seen The Awakening? *I didn't know an Awakening was happening until a dear reader sent me the video. (See below.) Around the world, especially in cities, people are peacefully assembling to protest the lockdown. One lady said, "Well, is this our choice, "Get the virus or starve to death?" 

People around the world are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. Track the money. "What doesn't seem right?

We can't question—we're afraid to.

So, to go back to my original comment on HOW WE ARE FOCUSING ON THE WRONG THINGS:

Instead of reacting to what is, what is we focus on how we want it to be?

I'm having trouble explaining this, although I know many metaphysical teachers ascribe to this line of thinking. If thought creates—then you begin with a thought. "In the beginning was the word." 

You might say, "Jo, thinking doesn't make it so."

Yes, but the attitude pulls in more of the same. Have a thought, hold it for a minute or so, and it will attract another thought. It's like iron filings pulled to a magnet. What can we do to fix it? Another thought joins it. Well, we can do this…and this, maybe this, until a solution is found. 


Could be, but what if it works?

I'm not a person who's standing on their rooftop amid a flood praying to God to save me while ignoring a boat that comes to the rescue.
I'm going to take it.

Something fun: I wish I had a picture, but I'll have to describe it. A creative family eating out: Two adults and two children had set up a table, complete with a table cloth and settings, and four chairs in the back of a pickup and were having a dinner out. Real civilized opposed to balancing dinner on their laps. They were parked in the middle of an empty mall parking lot that had take-out restaurants along its periphery. Eugene, Oregon.