Sunday, December 29, 2019


Happy New Year--May Your Cup Runneth Over


I follow Caz Makepeace’s blog, and they were touring the Oregon Coast.

 Hey, that’s my neck of the woods. 

That ingenious girl can find something fun to do most everyplace. Here I am looking to her to find something for us to do here. 

One suggestion I want to follow is to jetboat the Rogue River—I’ll wait until summer, though. 

Once I whitewater rafted the Rogue, and it was a wet blast. A friend from California talked me into it, but that adventuring soul has moved on to an even more exciting place. I hope she’s traveling; she loved that. With her gone, I must find a new person to jetboat—I bet daughter number one and grandson will do it.

Here I am sitting in the middle of winter dreaming of summertime.  Next month the kids and I are going to Disneyland—Southern California will be sprouting flowers, while our poor little plants are taking a sabbatical.

We completed Christmas, as did you. It appears that they keep coming faster. However, now that we have had the winter solstice, I look forward to longer daylight hours. 

Look who showed up for the solstice.

                                        He was only about thumb-sized.

We got a free ham for Christmas. A boxed ham has shown up on our doorstep three years running-- addressed to the previous owner. Twice I’ve sent it back. This year I kept it--guilt-free. 

Perhaps the ham was to compensate for the theft of our two propane tanks. (We have a propane stove, and as I was preparing to cook, there was no gas, and I knew my daughter had switched tanks earlier that day.) 

Was someone in dire need of propane, or was it drugs they wanted?  I don’t know, except the tanks were worth more than the ham, but the Great Spirit gave it a shot, bless her heart. Such a bare spot, though, where the tanks used to be.

I almost put the ham box filled with used kitty litter in the driveway in hopes that the thief would take that too. Instead, I used it for a Christmas box. 

But the image of a thief running down the street carrying two propane tanks tickles me. 

The following is what I’ve been up to this week--that was getting another website together.  The site is https// and has some old information you might have heard from me, and some you haven't.

I had to add the word “blog” to get the domain, and I have to watch as the word isn’t keeper, it’s “seeker.” Isn’t that what we are, “Wisdom Seekers?”
The following is an excerpt from The Wisdom Seekers

This morning when I saw the stick lying on the floor vibrating as though it had been electrified, I knew it was my turn, yet with quivering hand, I picked up the stick.

I wondered if the group would throw me out. I feared ridicule and laughter. You don’t know what you’re talking about, some might say. You’re crazy, says another.
Wait, you will have your turn.
I knew that there was a truth buried deep within me from old times, from ancient cultures, from present teachers, and my own experience. And I know that we must share what we have gained from the privilege of living on this beautiful planet. (If you don't value this planet watch "This Strange Rock," on Netflix and see how our earth daily fights for us.)
After a while, we see each other for who we are—we are The Wisdom Seekers.
While I love motivational speakers and hold dear wise words from people more learned than me, I know that most people do not have an Instagram life. All of our pictures aren't rosy, and all of our experiences aren't grand.
We see so many photoshopped images; it's hard to tell the untouched from the touched. Most of us don't have the bodies, face, skin, or hair of those beautiful people we see presented on media sites. (Don't read fashion magazines, it will just make you feel ugly--unless you are the enlightened soul l think you are and can see behind the makeup,)
When Lucy Hone's spoke on Ted Talk about "Resilient People," she asked her audience questions such as, "Have you ever had your heart broken?" "Have you ever been in an accident, had surgery, broken a bone, know someone who had cancer. watched a loved one die?" Soon the entire audience was standing.
While some people walk on hot coals to prove then can, most everyone has walked through the fire of life.
Therefore, our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to learn some mastery skills.
I do not promise anything on these pages except mastery over life (Haha, I'm kidding.) I'm offering a romp through some experiences, insights, and stories that will shine light in dark places, and glow brilliantly on others.
I suspect because you are here, that you are a Wisdom Seeker.
Take what you will from the Wisdom Seekers. Add your own, and know that I love you,
"And what would you do," the Master said unto the multitude, If God spoke directly to your face and said, 'I COMMAND THAT YOU BE HAPPY IN THE WORLD AS LONG AS YOU LIVE,' What would you do then?"
And the multitude was silent, not a voice, not a sound was heard upon the hillsides, across the valleys where they stood.”
–Richard Bach, Illusions