Monday, July 27, 2015

One Blogger Said Not to Do This

"Don't get excited and show a picture of your first egg," A blogger crying in the wilderness advised.  I didn't, I photographed my first three eggs. Three eggs from my three little hens--all laid on the same day, Sunday July 26, 2015.

You may have heard/read my trauma/drama of getting three chicks last year and having one turn out to be a rooster.  A neighbor heard him and came to my door with blood in her eye. The rooster went to a good home. My wonderful rescue person called him  "A Wonder Rooster," for he got along with her already established barnyard ruler. 

And so I learned to sex baby chicks. Clearly the store had missed the mark on one of my first three. This year I got what I wanted--three hens. (My other two died of potato skin poisoning, but I decided to try again and never never never feed my new chickens potato peelings. In fact I don't think I have eaten any Russet potato skin since then, Red skins are okay.)

Oh, in case you are interested, sexing chickens is done with the wing feathers. 

And then back home

After I came down from the mountain I was inspired to blog and I began Grandmother Grey Wolf#. That sounded good to me, spiritual and all that. I realized, however, that I didn’t have anything to say. On top of that, spirituality is highly subjective. Everyone has their own ideas.  The concept is somewhat futile to discuss. Unless, of course, we agree. That’s fine. If we disagree, though, anger can be the result. And since we are thoughtful people, we do not want to beat each other over the head with an ideology.

People are good by nature. Put enough pressure on a person, though, and you get something else. I see people being on edge, quick to snap, quick to see the fault instead of the positive aspects.

It appears to me that the solution of being at peace with ourselves is to become sovereign individuals. That doesn’t mean to separate ourselves from others, it means as Abraham Maslow defined long ago—being #self-actualized. That way we are not fooled, dupted, controlled, and BS slides off us without leaving a trace.

Some call it being enlightened, but I don’t know what that means and it is too lofty a goal for me anyway.

We have learned enough to know that if we don’t make up your own minds someone will make it up for us.  Schools love to do that. Corporations, with few exceptions, take over from there. Think of applications for a job where they “screen you” to within an inch of your life, take fingerprints, personality tests, drug tests. Do they say,  “Hey, how are you doin’?  What do you like to do? How would you fit in with our company?”

We are scared spitless that we will muck up somehow, and being human, we often do. Don’t sweat it, try again. (Sorry if you killed that guy with brain surgery, or caused a rocket to blow up in space.”)

I am thinking more in terms of systems that become canonized and cause altruistic young people to become fed up with the ingrained system until eventually they give up in disgust. They lose. Corporations lose.

Let's create a different system--you hear of it once in awhile--like #Haagen Dazs. Choose the finest ingredients, and make good ice cream. Simple. Imagine.

This is so yummy I can't have it in my house too often.      You might like this for the  eye candy.