Friday, July 17, 2015

The Secret I Promised

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Have you noticed that about everything you do is a Work in Process—life included?

And so has this blog been that, a work in process. Probably people wonder what in the hell I’m talking about in wishing on white horses. No matter. I’m still wishing, still believing in believing.

And I promised you "The secret to being rich beyond your wildest dreams.” That was before Peaches died and I got off the track. The eleven bags of subcutaneous fluid we did not use on Peaches will go to Sanctuary One, an animal rescue facility here in Oregon. It is the one that took our wonderful goats Orville and Wilbur. (I hear that Wilbur, the dark one, is in love.)

Psssst, About “The Secret.”

I trust you to use your common sense—remember that notebook where you wrote down your desires? Oh, you didn’t do it? Okay, but if you decide to do it, remember it’s for your eyes only. And if you ask for someone to be in your life, ask that it be for the highest good of both parties. You cannot ask for someone else, that is against spiritual law. You may ask, however, how that person fits into your life.

It is best to concentrate on your own life and let others take care of their own lives.

Yes, our subconscious mind connects us to the creative power of the Universe. It also connects us to every other being on the planet. It behooves us, therefore, to imagine our dreams as balloons filled with helium. When we share that dream, a little of the helium pssst leaks out.

Describe the kind of life you want.

Okay we have written out our desires. Remember not to say we want them, but write them in present tense. We have them.

After that we do not ignore our list, but we detach from it to let the Universe work out the details.

Remember that the good you are seeking is also seeking you.

The secret to success is to define the parameters of your desire, and then let the Forces of Creation do the work.