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Thursday, March 13, 2014

And Then Came Monday

Yesterday I drove up I-5 while all around me green popped. Green filled the fields beside the freeway. It saturated the fields and splashed up into the hills beyond. It dripped from every possible surface. 

Springtime has come to Oregon.

And there were sheep in the fields all facing the same direction. Does that mean they were facing into the wind or the other way around?
 Were they aligned to the magnetic field? What is it? Oh, there is always an oddball facing the other way. I'm sure we can relate.

In my drive contemplation, I wondered how much
Woolite it would take to restore the sheep’s rain-grayed coats to newborn white. Have you ever seen 4H Club kids wash their lambs? Yes, they use Woolite soap, and then they clip, and brush until their sheep resemble a Serta Mattress commercial.

Yesterday I whined, “I have been blogging for more than five years, and today I have nothing to say.” Could be that the 2 a.m. study of the Corel Paint Program sucked everything else out of my brain.

Then came Monday.

I drove with my husband to his work so I could keep the car, and on the way back home, I saw the most glorious rainbow. Later driving up I-5, another rainbow, straight ahead, I was driving straight into it. I put a CD  in the player and listened to one of my favorite speakers who said, “Before you leave the parking lot write down three things you want today. So, I wrote down three things.
1. I want a great time with my niece.
2. I want a good subject for a picture.
3. I want a topic for my blog.

Everything was magical after that. I exited the freeway too early, but ended up beside where I wanted to be—Powells Bookstore in Portland Oregon. And, more magic, there was a parking place directly across the street.
Upon entering Powells I was overwhelmed—talk about green dripping, books dripped from every available surface. I was salivating. When we were in California I read that even Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, known for its square block of books, had downsized. It looked as big as ever to me, even more so. And people were swarming everywhere, more than the sheep in the fields.
Going up the stairs, I almost ran into my niece. Whew, I found her.

Apparently Powells had closed their technical store down the street—that could account for the downsizing. But this store was being re-modeled. The future of books looks alive and well in Portland Oregon.
I had a great time with my niece. She bought me a birthday coffee—thus my picture.

And here is my blog topic.
I was on a roll that day, the next day at home I rolled into computer programs that work when they take a notion, cat litter boxes that needed changed on a regular basis, my grandson who is adorable and wonderful, but needed some attention, and taxes that screamed at me to DO THEM NOW. 

It's easy to roll on vacation days. the challenge is to keep on rolling...

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