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Friday, June 14, 2019

I’m Ms. Cellophane

Nobody Knows I’m There

Yesterday I began a site titled Jump in and decided since nobody knows it’s there to copy it here.

Psst: I forget, too, that it’s a dot blog instead of a dot com.

Since I’ve fallen in love with you guys and decided it’s an honor to serve you in any capacity I can.

Heck, what’s the sense of holding onto something you believe could be of value to someone else. 

I’m so motivated to offer this seven module course, that I’m giving it for FREE.


When one reader commented, “I hope to provide something back and aid others as you aided me.” I went, “Wow, pay it forward.”
I won’t spend much time trying to convince you that a seven- module course titled Jump In has value or that you need it. Not because it doesn’t have value, or that you don’t need it, for it just might give you the kick in the pants that will catapult you into the life of your dreams.

So, I will plunge in and see if you join me. As Ray Bradbury said, “Jump and build your wings on the way down.”

I’m not into lists or WORKBOOKS, although writing ideas or thoughts down as they come help fix them in your mind. I keep a running notebook beside my computer. The act of writing helps me to remember, and who can remember all that stuff anyway. The trouble is I have so many points that finding them again sends me into total tilt.

I won’t do a YouTube either for I believe I write better than I talk. (Oh, people write out their scripts, and memorize it? Well, I still don’t want to do it.)

I believe you folks can read. Besides I’m into reading.

And Doing.

And getting YOU excited about what it is you want to do.
That’s why I’m here, to offer some thoughts on this nebulous subject of getting on with life, of being successful, of having dreams, and of having them come true.

It happens.

If others have done it, then we can.


I’m excited for its a subject I’ve looked into for a long time.
I’ve taken many courses, and I see that many How-to’s
leave out a crucial component.

Some time ago I took Cedric and Dominica’s Trail Blazing Course except that every time I open it I run off at the mouth, uh, fingers. I’m so motivated to get going on what I want to do, that I don’t complete my lessons. 

That missing component is that our psychology, our mindset determines our outcome. 

So, that’s what we will focus on this seven-module course titled JUMP IN. I’m here to help you rid your mind of those thoughts of “I can’t, The I don’t know what to do. I’m not smart enough, young enough, good-looking enough or know the right people.”

That’s crap.

Dump it.

Not easy? I know. That’s why I wrote the course, and as you might surmise, it was more for me than you. Isn’t that the way with fingers on pages?

You encouraged me to do this with your comments.

See, it’s Your fault. 


You may know from reading me, that I am into success-oriented material. I can’t say I’m always successful, for “Getting it,” is a life-long process, but we can have successes along the way.

My idea of success is “To do what you want, what you want and with whom you want.”

Does that mean we won’t have challenges?


This course evolved from “Come on Baby Light My Fire, to the Wisdom Seekers, to Jump In. That’s the way with life too, ever changing. It evolves with time. You rethink what you’ve done before, and what you want to do now. You adjust, you fine-tune. No more fooling around, just do it. Time’s a wastin’.

And since we are here at the beginning, and you are my premiere people, you can help Jump In to evolve if you so choose. Feel free to comment along the way, give input on how this material can be better. What is it you want to know? How can you implement this stuff?

Let’s Party!

I said I would release the first module today, but the almighty internet has other ideas, and it keeps failing and failing and failing, to load. 

Let’s see how much stick-to-it-ness I have. 

I will release it when I am able. 

Maybe the universe is telling me something--sometimes you can't even give your stuff away.