Friday, October 12, 2018

With Cream or Without?

Yum, I can smell it.

Dave, the coffee roaster, thought the Sumatra blend matched the coffee I had been drinking at home, and the cup he served me was smooth. I drank it black which I would never do otherwise—just think, I thought, how this will be with cream.

So, I bought five pounds of whole beans they had roasted that morning.
That’s how they sell their coffee, in five-pound batches, roasted according to order the morning the customer plans to pick it up.

My Chiropractor told me Eclipse coffee was the best, so I decided to check it out. 

The coffee warehouse was a cool out of the way place where Dave was fun, where burlap bags of coffee were stacked higher than my head, and where they write out an invoice, keep a carbon copy, and that’s their bookkeeping system. They do not take credit cards, the only means of payment I had in my purse.

Dave said, “Take the coffee and just drop off a check.”

Don’t you love it?!

I had planned to sell coffee on a website. The trouble is since I can’t say “It’s the best,” I’m not selling it. I still like Peets Home Blend whole beans I grind at home better, and now I’m stuck with a five-pound bag of coffee in my refrigerator.

I wish I had tried The Tsunami Blend as it sounds more to my liking.

There are many stories regarding the origin of the drink we call coffee. One involved a Moroccan Sufi mystic. While traveling in Ethiopia, he noticed birds with unusual vitality. He decided to try eating the berries they were eating, and experienced the same vitality.

Another story was a man named, Omar, who was known for curing the sick. He was, however, exiled to a cave in the desert. (A great thanks for being a healer.)

Poor Omar was starving and decided to chew some berries he found on nearby shrubbery. Whoa, they were bitter. He roasted the beans to improve their flavor, but they were hard, so he boiled the beans in water to soften them. The boiling of the beans produced a fragrant brown liquid that he drank, and that liquid sustained him for days.

When stories reached his home village of this “miracle drug,” the elders asked Omar to return home where he was sainted.

Fickle people.

Were you looking up coffee on the Internet when you found this site?

Did you want to know about coffee, or did I push it on you?

I am wondering what people search for, if they are precise in their search, or do they go stumbling in search for something that sparks their attention?

Both I guess. Jon Morrow, on #ProBlogger, says to search Google, find what people want, and write about that.

See why I’m not a pro blogger.

Last night I noticed a bag of magazines in the truck. My daughter said she got them from a client, and that she wanted to make a Vision Board from the pictures, quotes and such, she could find in that stash of publications. 

A Vision Board is a collage of items you want, wish you had, or are just fun to contemplate. It is a meditation of sorts, an affirmation to keep your mind focused, and to program your subconscious mind to go for its dream.

Daughter  said, “I can search the Internet, find what I want and print it out, but it’s more fun to search the magazines.”

I agreed. We are hunters/gathers by nature. It’s fun to search and discover things we never dreamed we wanted, oh, or finding those coffee berries we didn’t know existed.

P.S. A fun find:
I had been using the numbers 747 as in a fast Boeing jet but found on the Internet that 747 is an angel number meaning I’m on the right track.