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Friday, August 10, 2018


Perhaps you have traveled to a foreign country where you soaked in the local color, the sights, and smells, and you loved it, yet all around you heard languages that sounded like clanking tin. Nothing made sense. Then by some quirk of fate, you run into an English speaking person. Wham-o, an instant friend. You jabbered away at something like back home and where you’re from and how it is traveling. 

They spoke your language.

That happens once in a while at social gatherings—we find an instant friend. 

Someone who speaks our language. 

We search the web and are usually attracted to something familiar.

Oprah speaks of “ah ha” moments, a moment when something clicks. It is a piece of a puzzle we have wondered about or it is a concept we hadn’t considered. Wow. Ah ha, I knew that, I just didn’t piece it together. Something familiar triggered it.

Aren’t we all looking for puzzle pieces that can make sense of our lives, or of the great mysteries of the universe, or how to handle difficult situations? 

I once heard a psychologist tell about being assigned as a therapist to boat people, refugees. She knew she wasn’t equipped to deal with the horrors many of them had endured, leaving their home, their people, their land ravished by war or some disaster.
However, when she spoke with them, they said such things as “I met this guy on the boat, do you think he likes me?’

See, people aren’t so different,  And affairs of the heart are high on the list of concerns.
There were Shamans of old, wise men who did know more than the rank and file, and then Fakers came in and made a muddle of it. 

Rather like today.

But maybe we can sort it out, what’s real, what’s not. 

What to choose?

The familiar, or the unfamiliar?

Long ago when I was into Egyptian lore, I read that when a stranger wandered into their village, the Egyptians would ask that person who their god was. 

They didn’t care. It was not a test. They just wanted to know. These inquiring people believed that God had so many aspects that all was possible.” 

Are we into survival or into a belief in possibilities?

I experienced a crack in conscious this past week when I watched a YouTube sent to me by a fabulous Wish on White Horses reader.  It was The Three Amigos, a question and answer session with Gregg Braden, Joe Dispenza, and Bruce Lipton.*
You know how we can have our set of beliefs, and we keep recycling them until they become cemented in place? 

A long time ago Dr. Ighaz Semmelweis (1865) declared that the reason woman got and often died of childbed fever, was because doctors didn’t wash their hands after autopsies, but went straight to examining a woman in labor. Germs had yet to be discovered, but he had a piece of the puzzle. He felt that the doctors had some cadaverous material on their hands. 

The doctors felt that because they, being illustrious gentlemen, couldn’t possibly have dirty hands. Semmelweis was ridiculed and ended up in an asylum. Now he is called “A savior of women.”

We need a crack in consciousness once in a while to let in a new thought.

Mine came when I heard Gregg Braden talk about  “The field.”

The field, says Braden, is where all experiences lie. I’m new to this and found it fascinating, but since I don’t know much about it, this is a teaser. If you have more to add, feel free.

Scientists now believe that space is not empty, but filled with “Dark matter.” Not dark meaning sinister, just not seen, therefore dark. And light cannot find it.
So how did they find it? 

Gravity, and other measurements to complex for me. Like how in the heck can they weigh the universe? 

Gregg says the field holds all our collective experiences and that we can access it. There are proteins on the skin that act like antennas that can reach into the field.
(Is this the Akashic Records?)

Braden calls this field, “The Divine Matrix,” a primal web of energy that connects our bodies to the world and to everything in the universe.

It opens the door to a powerful and mysterious possibility.


P.S. I found the perfect watch for me.

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