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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August? What’a-’ya- Mean it’s August?

I’m anxious to see the cover art for my book The Frog’s Song. They say the proofs will be available for my review at the end of August—one good reason to say, “Hi August.”

And I’m excited for my publisher Regal Publishing (the house that Jaynie built).  Jaynie Royal is a force to be reckoned with. Regal has recently signed with IPG (Independent Publishing Group) a trade distributor for on-the-ground sales.

Imagine getting into Costco—don’t know if that will happen for me, but I can imagine it) plus, Regal has attracted the attention of Forward Reviews, a Purple Cow, Blue Ocean company.

If you saw a Purple cow standing in a field, wouldn’t you want to tell somebody?  (Purple Cow is the name of Seth Godin’s book.) And regarding a blue ocean, if your water is running blood-red with competition, wouldn’t you want to move to blue waters?

Long ago when I was into horse training I learned from #Pat Parelli, a horse gentler, that whatever everyone else is doing, do the opposite.  And I learned from my horse that she would go where I placed my focus, no reins required. 


I wonder how I can apply that to my business.

Focus—that’s good. Maybe I will go where I place my focus.

 I’m scared though.

Seth Godin wrote: "The growth of audiobooks is outpacing reading.”

We can still read though, he says, but pushing ourselves through a chapter is difficult.

And here I am writing words.
I like to read. I like to hold a book. I like to smell books. I like to feel their paper—and some of the covers these days feel like silk.

Don’t you sometimes wonder what happened to books, and when did bread disappear from our table?

I don’t know if thinking back is romancing the time or wanting to preserve it. Place it in a Mason jar and put it in the pantry I guess. It might be opened at a later date and found useful.     

Remember when you went to the library, and the librarian shushed you, but you cased the joint and found treasurers? Ray Bradbury educated himself by starting at one side of the library and reading around it.

Now the internet can serve that same purpose.

It’s not better or worse, just different.

Remember when you went to record stores, and comic book shops and inspiration was out in the world, rather than at your desk. It had to be sought out, in museums, in the forests, and in picking up shells from the beach.

Am I showing my age?

My hero.

 Ray Bradbury

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