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Thursday, May 3, 2018

It's a Zoo Around Here

While demolition is fun, restoration is not.

In the middle of the night when my brain monitor is off, the immensity of the yard job ahead plagues me. Remember the tractor fun we had in the yard? Now it’s a mess.

Sleep experts say that as we sleep our brain monitor turns off. That turn off gives our primitive brain a chance to plays games with us.


Experts tell us all sorts of things.  The other night  I watched a Bible scholar explain the four ways Jesus got to be God. And that his own disciples didn’t know who in the heck he was.  Was He always God?  Is He separate from the Father? Are He and the Father one? How then, can he pray to the father? (Intuition?) Was he “adopted?” Did he claim it?

It’s enough to scramble one’s brain.

And it did scramble a lot of brains until one old Emperor got tired of all the squabbling and declared one aspect to be right. The Trinity won out. Three in one, that can really scramble the brain.

And of course, there was the Council of Nicea who decided which books were inspired by God and therefore deserved to be in the Bible.

I bet there was a lot of arguing there.

I am feeling overwhelmed.  One aspect is the torn up yard where my back looks at it and says, “Don’t dig.” But that (front) yard has become an embarrassment. My daughter said yesterday, “Only now?”

“Well, the first week it was construction. Now it’s a mess.”

And yesterday I found that some thief had transferred $2,200 out of our checking account, and it took all afternoon with me in the Bank and the Banker on the phone to the Fraud Department to clean up the mess. Now we have a new account, and that means I need to reschedule all the automatic additions and subtractions, and I’m leery about going online, and about the security of the Bank.

Confession is good for the soul, so they say.

My other site “Brunch for the Soul,” is gone, kaput. I figured it was too sweet for someone with an edge such as I have.

I changed that site to Plot Twist 747. I figured since I was all over the place I might as well declare it.

And 747?  Well, that’s a fast plot twist. (Think Boeing 747.) Besides, I couldn’t get the simple name of “Plot Twist,” as a domain.

And I turn around and hear a “Cluck cluck.” The hen followed Lafayette, the dog, into the house.

Lafayette can push open the back door, and the hen rides shotgun, entering on his heels.

And how is it at your house?

Carry on.
Keep the faith.
 PS. I purchased the wine glass, so I ought to use it. I thought it was cool that you can see through the glass to whatever background is behind it. My background is a simple swiping of watercolors. One way to get my favorite colors.