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Monday, May 23, 2016

What Do You Want?

What do You Want?

Besides health, wealth and happiness, of course. A connection with the divine? Indeed. A marvelous relationship? Of course.

This question, “What do you want?”  so I read, is what a potential employee ought to ask their interviewer.

That rather turns the table on them doesn’t it?

I suspect that the entrepreneurial spirit that is becoming prevalent in America is that people are tired of being treated like second-class citizens, tired of not being trusted, tired of  punching a time clock, tired of being watched because the company that is squeezing every penny they can out of their customers are also squeezing their employees.

And getting an interview? That is after filling out that on-line form, the one where they ask for the same information that is on the resume’. But, send the resume anyway, you know, that piece of paper that solicits rejection. The computer program goes through a number of pre-set checks—looking for buzz words before a resume ever gets to a human eye.

Any company worth their salt should know that an honest answer is slim when an interviewer asks such questions, as, “In your last job what did you do when you had a problem with a subordinate?”

“Well, I got pissed off as hell. I yelled at them and kicked them out of the office.”

You think your interviewee is going to say that?

If the interviewer has a sense of humor they might like that answer. I’m wondering, though, what happened to using one’s intuition to determine whether you like that person or not?

What happened to asking honest questions and getting honest answers?

Would you like to work with that person?

Does she seem like someone willing to learn?

And those psychological tests…The smart ones can probably outsmart the questionnaire. Hire that person.

So many companies assume that you are going to lie, cheat and steal from them, and so they put in rules trying to control that. 

Let’s face it, some “Old school,” has merit. A handshake meant a firm deal, a gentleman's agreement. One did not renege on that. No contract was needed.

I’m a dreamer. I believe people will be honest if you trust them to be that.  I believe people will rise to your expectations. I believe a person would rather work than be idle …

But, if, you are wrong about them, fire their ass.

P.S. Perhaps this does not apply to you. You’re not looking for a job, you have the perfect one. Okay, now comes, “What do you want?”

You know, wanting is the juice that drives us. #Abraham says “You’ll never get it done.”

I want to live where I want and write and make a living doing it. #Caz and Craig, do that, and Caz's motto is "If somebody can do it I can."

So, “What do you want?” Don’t be afraid. Put it out there. Let us support you in your dream…

And do you have any thoughts on this? How often should I post on this blog?

#Seth Godin posts once a day…can you believe it?

That’s too much for me. I aim for more like once a week—I know you have more to do than read my blogs. I’m happy that you do, though.

I'm signing off with Aloha, (I still love that word—It means, “Hello, goodbye and I love you. It also represents a way of life—to do good without expecting anything in return.)


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