Monday, July 25, 2022

Don't You Hate it When This Happens?


“Learning is making mistakes until our subconscious mind can put together the right pictures.”
–Louise L. Hay


Why did I wait so long to read Louise Hay's book?


I know of her publishing company Hay House and have read many of the books she had published, but never until today did I pick up her book. I guess the old adage is true, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." 


The book is "You Can Heal Your Life." 


Not that I think my life is broken. I just want to learn and grow, and yes, to heal my life. 


I read of Hay's book in another book where the author explained that Hay lists diseases and body affections in the back of her book. Along with the list, she sites their mental causes and suggests an affirmation to heal.


I snatched it up.


On my blog,, which has the same information as, just a different carrier, the description is: 


"To wonder and invite others to wonder with me." 


(Travels has a loose definition. I love to travel and talk about it occasionally. I also know we are traveling through life, and the gist is learning and enjoying.)


I have been resistant—I don't know why—to be too woo-woo. 

(Fear of being a kook.)


Then there was Louise Hay putting it out there to the tune of selling over three million copies and being audacious enough to say, "You Can Heal Your Life." (The latest reading was more like 40 million. See, people, want this stuff.)_


Louise Hay began as a Science of the Mind minister (I didn't know that). I discovered Science of the Mind in San Diego, CA., at Terry Cole Whittiker's church. That was a life-changing time. I loved it. I remember standing in my yard one day in Mission Hills, San Diego, saying, "I want something to change, and I want it now." The following Sunday, I attended Terry's church for the first time and haven't been the same since. 


I had finally found that other people thought similarly to how I did. 


Terry left her thriving ministry a few years later, about the same time we left San Diego. I guess we both got what we needed and moved on.


A few years ago, I spent a fourth of July weekend at a retreat with Terry in Mt. Shasta, Oregon. She has moved from being a high-powered minister and executive to living on a farm (no animals, just in the wilderness sort-of.) Only two participants attended her weekend retreat, another girl and myself. I have never felt so loved. (By both of them.) Nor had I ever visited a magical alpine meadow such as exists at the base of Mt. Shasta, where we spent one of the days.


This blog is my effort to find people who resonate with what I am up to.


I don't intend for my blogs to be about me, but I'm the one writing them, and I'm the one gleaming the information, so it will come through my filter system.


I only opened Hay's book this morning, and I already feel a shift in consciousness like when you say, "Ohh, that's wonderful."


"I expect my life to be good and joyous, and it is." –Louise Hay.


Last week I mentioned that I was writing The Money Whisperer Newsletter. 


And then what happened? A couple of days ago, I sat down to write something, and all hell broke loose.


Writers know this phenomenon, "Many a slip from cup to lip." Start out, lose your way, get back on track, pull it together, and plunge ahead.


I'm going to complete the newsletter because first, I need it. And second, perhaps my subscribers and I will find something of value along the way.


We know that the art of making money involves attitude, beliefs, focus, and aiming for the high, not low. And don't tell me about the rich people who aren't nice. (Here I am with money. Here I am without money. The same person.)


Money will not pollute an unpollutable person. Be unpollutable.

Don't be afraid of having money. Who better? 


Pollution comes from another source—the ego, the feelings about ourselves, the subconscious systems built into us from numerous generations.


I was led into Quantum physics and how things work and saw how it is conceivable for the mind to affect matter, and money is matter. 


Strange but true.



 Excerpt from the first issue of The Money Whisperer Newsletter

You might ask what I am doing here talking about money when millionaires and billionaires are making and spending money at every turn. They are controlling empires and sending people into space. We are taught to go for the American dream. Get a good education, preferably from a prestigious institution, follow it with a high-paying job, and make a good living. 


We know that. It's in our face every day.


Since you are reading this, I'm assuming you are interested in having money, getting rich, and learning some of the fundamental truths behind why some people work hard and have little, and some work hard and have much. Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? 


If you like beautiful things, you should be surrounded by beautiful things. If music brings you to heights of ecstasy, you should follow that thread. Do you want to play music? Do you want to write it or listen to it? 


You need money for these things, and you should have it. (Guitars don't grow on trees.) 


Inner work can be FREE. However, where do we start? Sorry, but unless you have personal access to the Akashic records (purported to contain all the wisdom of the ages), we need something, a medicine man, a shaman, a mentor, a leader, a book, a workshop, a seminar or a whisper, to catapult us on the journey toward self-discovery.


I'm not here to study self, you might say. I'm here to create money.


Okay. We'll get to that.


First, let's go back a bit. 


The Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert of Africa talk about two hungers.

There is a Great Hunger and a Little Hunger.

The little hunger wants food for the belly.

The Great Hunger is the greatest hunger of all. 

It is the hunger for meaning.


Our right to life is to have the free and unrestricted means to fulfill our physical, mental, and spiritual needs.


I suppose I have some attachment to this desire to be all I can be, for there was a time when I felt I didn't have a right to live an abundant life when so many people were suffering. People are in poverty, sickness, lack, and mental illness.


And then I realized I could never be poor enough to raise another. I can never be sick enough to heal another. I can never be spiritually bankrupt enough to lead another to their highest calling.


I know that some readers will balk at some of the things I will get into, so I am pounding home this need for money. [more]