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Tuesday, January 10, 2023

  How Can They Ruin Bacon?

Occasionally my husband and I go out for breakfast, and my usual order is bacon and eggs. However, of late, I find bacon to be terrible, I skip it. I did find a good source last Thursday on our trip to Portland. I only ordered it because my daughter said it was good, and it was.

After I washed down the cupboards around the stove at our house, I don’t want to fry bacon anymore. Made as Hors d’oeuvres in the oven, that’s okay.

Why am I talking about bacon? I don’t know. It popped into my head as I was driving to the store. Trivial, I know. I have other questions rattling around in my head. Like why are we, as a society, so concerned with growth? Not the sort of growth that advances our souls but businesses. You could say that the shareholders need to see growth. However, I remember an owner of a motorcycle factory in Italy when asked why he doesn’t grow his business, answered, “Why? It’s steady. I make a good living. I pay my employees a good wage. Why should I change it?”

Probably he sleeps well at night too.

Would you invest in that company?

I began tthinking about this because as a fledgling Real Estate Agent, (incidentally, my search RMLS (Regional Multiple Listing Service) for home listings is not attached to my site yet), I saw that there are more Real Estate Agents than there are houses for sale. And they warned us about sharks. Meaning other agents that want the job.

I’m a guppy—much too small for sharks to bite. Our Brokerage has a Pink Flamingo for a mascot, for heaven’s sake. We must protect our delicate legs, and as with Flamingos, we can fly; sharks can’t. We want to be light and have fun and care for customers. Statistics do not apply. Put wonderful people in a beautiful house—that’s a good plan. Give them good service. And I heard from someone last week that her landlord keeps raising her rent, so she will be looking for a house. As house prices come down and rent goes up, I expect the tide to shift.

And maybe restaurants will smell the coffee and start offering good bacon again.

Once as my daughter and I drove up from Southern California to Oregon—that California state is a long one, folks—we stopped at a Denny’s Restaurant for breakfast. They were advertising their bacon— bold signs extolling the virtues of bacon appeared in every window. Now, Denny’s used to have good breakfasts. Did you know they used to use real butter to fry their hash browns?

Not that day.

That was the worst food we had ever eaten. It was tasteless. Daughter Dear said, “How in the world do they suck the taste out of food?” Rattlesnake meat was terrible, but it has a taste. (I only had a micro-millimeter piece.)

It kind of makes me think that the more something is hyped, the worse it is. And we have never eaten at Denny’s since.

Isn’t that as though Denny’s shot themselves in the foot?

I wonder if the more often you tell people something, even if it is a lie, the more they will believe it.

I don’t believe we are the masses. However, the masses are out there. And I don't want to separate people or think less of them, but our recent step back in time has caused a blip in my optimism.

Do you have any words of wisdom for me?