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Saturday, July 3, 2021


 “And really, it wasn’t much good having anything exciting like floods, if you couldn’t share them with somebody.”

–Winnie The Pooh


This is better: A Sign painted on the outside of the Dutch Bros Kiosk here in Junction City.


The Art of Attraction vs. the Law of Resistance

The Law of Resistance–otherwise called procrastination. That’s what I practiced yesterday.

I have a video of a McKenzie River trail. I filmed the walk, but I didn’t talk while walking. I can’t pontificate when someone is with me. (My husband this time.) I figured I would add commentary later. 

Okay, yesterday I was prepared—so I thought. 

The temperature was reasonable after blistery hot days. I bought a mic and a trial editing program that might overwhelm me, but I can talk into it. I settled into the truck with my little dog. Let’s give it a try, I thought—SCREECH!

I felt inadequate for the task. 

All those other smart people who talk about The Law of Attraction, and how they’ve used it, and how successful they are, and how much money they have, plus houses, cars, and what all. I guess they are blissfully happy and healthy as well.

Am I jealous? Not really. I learn from them. However, I felt inadequate to talk about it.

“The Demons hate Fresh air.” wrote Auston Kleon in his book, Keep Going. 

See, I should have talked as I walked, that is, outside where the demons hide lest they melt like the Wicked Witch of the West when water was thrown on her. When the demons are quivering in the shadows, they don’t have time to tell me I’m not the person for the job.

I then go blissfully along like I know what I’m talking about.

I believed I ought to have my mind in a happy place before I begin talking.

Now I realize that an artist doesn’t wait for inspiration—they do the work anyway. As they work through the crap, they often come out victorious. 

I thought, You, the reader, don’t need to see the crap. But then, maybe you do—it’s part of the process. 

When I began filming the trails and talking about The Law of Attraction, I stated upfront that I am not an expert. I am a fellow traveler who likes the idea that my videos were a simple off the cuff work in process, like a house framed in, but with no drywall.  There is such potential with a work in process.

I was stuck somewhere in my studies that while laws govern the physical world, like “Water runs downhill,” or “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” the spiritual world also has laws. 

That makes sense. Why wouldn’t they? The trouble is we really don’t know what they are. It’s an area that has been hidden to all but a few.

Oh, we have glimpses of those underpinnings of the spiritual realm–like one of my first noticeable ones was at the dry cleaners—remember, we used to use dry-cleaning. I had a knit dress—yes, I remember when it looked good on me too–those were the days… Oh, I digress. I picked up the dress that was folded and wrapped in brown paper. I KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the belt was not in that package.

Being too embarrassed to blurt out, “The belt is not in the package,” I paid the clerk, went to the car, opened the package, and the belt wasn’t there.

 I went back inside and asked for the belt. They had it.

I’m sure you have had many similar experiences. The trouble is we tend to brush them aside as coincidences or anomalies. You know the one that tickles me the most is the Train Experience that I’ve mentioned before. While my daughter and I sat at Chevy’s Restaurant in Del Mar, California talking about manifesting, I said, “We couldn’t manifest a train here, there are no tracks.”

Not a minute later, a big truck stopped at the stoplight outside our window. Written on the tarp that covered the back of the truck was the word “TRANE.” (You know that’s the name of a company that makes heavy equipment.)

The Universe/Force has a sense of humor. (You notice I don’t use the word, God, here for it means so many things to so many people.)

Sometimes you think the Force that supplies our wants doesn’t have a sense of humor, and it doesn’t seem to. (Maybe this one is a left-brained apprentice to the BIG GUY.) This left-brained apprentice would respond to our asking for more money with, “Oh, you want more money? Here’s a penny.”

A penny is more money. If you ask for patience, he will give you an Opportunity to be patient. No pill there to immediately satisfy your desires.

You see that there is much unknown here. I do believe in the Law of Attraction. I think, however, that we magnetize events, people, and ideas to us unconsciously To do it consciously is another story. It takes Practice and more importantly, A Light Heart

A light heart is what I didn’t have the other day when I failed to record. I was into my inadequacies. 

And turning a negative into a positive is like the Greek God Sisyphus rolling the boulder up a hill. When he got almost to the top of the mountain, the boulder would break loose and roll back down to the bottom. He was cursed to forever roll that damn boulder.

Momentum—that’s when we get something started, and it tends to keep going. (Gravity was working against Sisyphus, but momentum took the boulder to the bottom of the hill.) The more we think or do this thing we do not want, the more resistance it has, and the more momentum it has to go where it has gone before. (Like trying to move the cat.) Stop pushing. Let the stupid boulder roll down the hill and stay there. Take a nap, walk the dog, pet the cat. That will break the mood, and so you can move on.

All these things are rolled into The Law of Attraction, which tells some people that it does not work. And proves it to the rest of us that we have work to do on our belief systems.

Tune in. More to come…


I think this better represents The Law of Attraction–Walk up the mountain whistling, while The Law of Attraction pushes the boulder.