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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Pie in the Sky, or Crab in the Bucket?

I know, I used this picture earlier on, but I thought it was pertinent.

Good morning dear readers,

You know how much it tickles me when you sign up, comment, or follow?

Enough to make me roll on the floor in a fit that makes the dog think it’s playtime.


Last night I opened a couple cans of clam chowder, turned on a Netflix cooking channel and told my husband that at least he got a visual feast. 


Don’t they say that part of our pleasure in eating is visual? 


How are you doing with feeding the family? Now that my husband is home all the time, I feel more pressure to fix meals, and I’m running out of ideas, and inclination to prepare them.  I’m happy to have food, but its ongoingness is daunting. My attitude is, “Just go to the refrigerator and get something to eat, what’s with silverware, salt, and pepper, napkins?” (Although I do like being civilized once in a while.)


Speaking of food, one of my favorite foods is crab meat. A weekend ago, my niece, husband, and two little children rented a beautiful house on Oregon’s coast, and invited us.


The house had windows the full length of the house and within a stone’s throw to the beach where an expanse of coastline ran the length of our vision, right and left. The surf did what surfs do, rolled in and out, a continual sloshing and white capping. And when the wind caught the top of a wave, it sent a skiff water off in a mist to evaporate. There were a few rocks offshore and we watched the waves slap them, then throw themselves into the air, to laugh and do it again.


The second day there, my daughter, son, husband, and I sat with my niece in the sand on the beach and talked about life. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.


And at lunchtime, there beside the windows, what did we have on the table? Freshly cooked crab, butter, lemon, pliers, picks, Caesar salad. There was enough crab to fill six adults, two kids, and have some leftover.


El Yumo.


This has been a week of miracles with some trauma thrown in so I wouldn’t become too spoiled. The trauma was me trying to sell on Amazon. I was so tickled when I sold some items until I discovered that the Amazon fees, drop shipping fees, mailing fees, ate up my profits—and then some.  It’s been a learning curve, so don’t buy the hype that you can sit on the beach and rake in the dough. It takes a particular strategy.


Daughter dear and I are ever investigating life’s persistent questions and attempting to figure out this manifesting thing. How is it that some folks work their butts off with little to show for it, while others do rake in the dough?


I decided to test manifesting (start small, they say), so I said I would manifest a red rose. “Not the orange-red one such as we have growing outside our window,” I said, “but a crimson- red one.” Well, I asked for it, then left it alone without giving it much thought. The following day, I heard a “Bing” on my phone, and when I opened it, it was an Instagram picture of a red rose.


“Is this my rose?" I screamed over the messaging system to my daughter.


She assured me that it was.


We put out the order, but do not know what form it will take in answering. If you decide to try this, let me know your results.


I’ve spoken before about the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind, how the Conscious Mind is the censor, the logical one. It’s into survival. The Subconscious Mind is the creator, and it doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. The reason imagining works is that you have given the Subconscious the look, feel, and smell of your heart’s desire, and it goes okay; “If that’s what you want, I’ll, find a way to give it to you.” And she will if the Conscious Mind doesn’t thwart the process by convincing her that it’s crazy to think that way. “You can’t create out of thin air. Besides, that’s not the way the world works.’


“Haha. We’ll show you otherwise. You’ve been reading the wrong science books.”


Neville Goddard says the Conscious Mind is like the male energy, the Subconscious is the female. And they speak different languages.


Given that idea, the universal trick is learning to communicate.


Okay, here’s some fun:


“Have you heard about a new restaurant named Karma?


There’s no menu; you get what you deserve.”



My two hottest blogs so far are “How to Blog When You’re Broke and Clueless,” and “Hello Beautiful, Check Your Eyeballs.” 


Regarding the ladder, I’m expanding that information into an ebook that will be coming soon. I hope it can help people who have asked for more on that subject.


If you're a writer or blogger, you might check my other blog, “The Best Damn Writer Blogger on the Block” (Hee hee, I’m the only one.)


Carry on,

I am happy to visit with you. Let me know what you think. I welcome input.