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Monday, August 1, 2022

Ta Da!

A few days ago, I sat on the paver that spans across the brick planter beside our front door. Next to me, a bush abundant in tiny white flowers was abuzz with bees. There were two kinds of bees. The larger bees looked like honey bees. The other ones were tiny, as though made for the flowers. To my surprise, with my naked eye and an inter-ocular lens made for long vision, I watched that little tongue dart in and out of a flower about 8 inches from my eye.


The miracle was that when I had cataract surgery about a year ago and the lens implanted, the doctor asked if I wanted to see up close like to read or see the leaves on the trees. I choose the leaves. It’s no trouble to put on reading glasses. I was doing that already.


And there I was watching a minuscule proboscis dart in and out of a flower when my lens was set for distance. The magic of science.

(Or the mist being removed from my eyes.)


I believe in science, and I believe in medicine. I also believe in the body’s power to heal, and I believe in the placebo effect. (I still haven’t completed Joe Despensia’s book, Be Your Own Placebo, although I want to learn how.)


It annoys me when people discount the placebo effect by saying, “Oh, it’s probably a placebo. It’s all in your head,” like that doesn’t count. Last night on Netflix, I saw a doctor try to confirm a “Miracle” at Lourdes.” the doctor didn’t want it to be the placebo effect. (I guess he believed in it.) He, as well as ministers, wanted it to be the water or the hand of God. What?! God needs for his hand to reach through the water? 


According to your belief.


How can we hit the medium? (“To find the medium takes some share of wit, so tis a mark fools seldom hit.”—William Cooper.)


Ah, one of the challenges of life. 


It is tough when so many voices call for our attention, like companies that propose health under the guise of sickness-- the method of advertisements.


Blame all this talk on my Newsletter. 


This weekend I bored myself with The Money Whisperer Newsletter. Not the content but the idea of whispering. So, hells bells, SHOUT IT OUT.


Don’t you sometimes want to throw yourself out of the clogged stream of life and into a raging river? 


Yep, whispering applies to horses and money. They are in tune with subtle cues. People, not so much.


I need a thump on the head sometimes, in this case, a SHOUT.


Time to get some Oomph behind this whole

the idea of getting rich.


Don’t want to get rich?




If you do, however, it’s time to emphatically state what you want and when you want it.


And mean it.


Now work yourself up into a frenzy to achieve what you what you want. No more whispering here. We are stating loud and clear to the great powers of the universe what we want and will do to get it.



In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay wrote that at least once a day, she sits with her arms outstretched and says, “I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe.”


That felt pretty good, and now onto SHOUTING:


Buckminister Fuller is featured in the Second Money Shout Outs  Remember him?