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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Can You Believe It?

It’s Thanksgiving in two days, didn’t we just do that?

I am thankful, that’s not it. 

I believe in being thankful every day, it’s just that time is speeding up so fast I can’t keep track of it.

And being a tropical person at heart, I do not look forward to wintry days, but here I am in Oregon.

I grew up in Oregon and loved the snow. As a kid,  I would awaken in the night and look out the window to see it had snowed, but then we lived up a long sweeping road, and us kids would ride our sleds for miles down the long  incline. Of course, that meant hiking back up the hill, but that didn’t matter. Hot chocolate was waiting at home in a warm house.

Then I spent some 20 years in California, guess I grew soft.

I raved and exclaimed, and praised last spring for we had moved into a home new to us, and with that came flowers someone else had planted, and I didn’t know existed.  I felt that someone had daily presented a bouquet to me. And that will come again. 

So I will enjoy the winter, and snuggle in and write and read, and if it snows I will note the silence of it, and smell the freshness of the air, and watch the sparkles in the air that are minuscule ice crystals.  

Walter Rauschenbusch, American writer, 1861, wrote the following. I added the pictures.

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

 For the wide sky and the blessed sun, 

For the salt sea and the running water, 

For the everlasting hills And the never-resting winds, For trees and the common grass underfoot. 

We thank you for our senses By which we hear the songs of birds, And see the splendor of the summer fields,


And taste of the autumn fruits, 

And rejoice in the feel of the snow,

 And smell the breath of the spring. 

Grant us a heart wide open to all this beauty.

-- Walter Rauschenbusch

Have a joyful thankful celebration,