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Thursday, May 18, 2017


"We have a two-million-year-old brain that is not trained to be happy, but for survival." --Tony Robbins

Well, after my vent of the day before, I realized that negativity abounds, so if you look for it, you will find it.

If you expect it you can be fascinated. 

Addicting cat food? Ha ha ha. How did you do that? That is fascinating.

A business that treats their employees like crap?

That’s how they were trained.

Didn’t our first 12 years of school teach us to sit down and shut up? Wasn’t that under threat of punishment? Wow, being sent to the principal's office—that was a biggie.

When the bell rang we knew where we were supposed to be-- in our seats. No whispering either. No passing of notes.

The teacher had eyes in the back of her head.

But kids being kids--the moment the pressure was off they popped up like corks under water suddenly released. The teacher walked out of the room…Ha ha. Chaos.

If we are in business for ourselves and we don’t talk to people we won’t be in business for long.

If we keep holding ourselves under water we’ll drown.

Yesterday I almost sat down and shut up. My two-million-year-old brain had me. I was at the transition period of writing, as in childbirth, there is a time when you want to give up.

But your body wouldn’t let you, would it?

And a baby was born!

New life.

A new chance for the human race.

Someone will always muck up.

 You will muck up.

 I muck up.

Isn’t that fascinating?

I’m glad I’m not a brain surgeon.

Over and out,


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