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Thursday, April 20, 2017


This morning I  sat in my pick-up truck with my little Sweetpea dog beside me.

Those who read of my Hawaiian experience know that my truck is my second office.

So, here in Oregon, on some days when my daughter is home with her son, and I am free, I take the truck, order coffee, and read, write, or go somewhere.

This morning I sat and read the manuscript of my novel Song of Africa.

You may be tired of me talking about this book, but please bear with me. When you begin something 40 years earlier, it is telling to read what you wrote then, and what you think now.

Some 40 years ago when I began writing Song of Africa my protagonist Miss Sara Rose, asks some of the questions I asked myself then. "Is there a God?" "Why do people say that God harmed people so He would be glorified?”

Those questions bothered me then, but no more.

I have come to an understanding.

And so does Miss Sara Rose my protagonist.

Forty years ago I didn't know how it felt to be a 65-year-old woman. I made it up.

Now I understand more.

Have a dream and go for it.

For Sara Rose, it was to ride a river in Africa.

She set out, and as told by her Goddaughter, "Once we begin weaving the gods will provide the skein," Sara finds a new life, new love, and an event that leads to the next generation.

We never know the ramifications of our lives, do we?

The first chapter of Song of Africa is boldly displayed on

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