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Monday, February 6, 2017


I can see it. It’s about to happen.

The cat is eyeing my desk from his perch, and about to make the leap.

Here I am using, for the first time, a little desk built into the laundry room of our new home.  If the cat decides to recline in sublime comfort on it as he did on my previous desk—now in the garage--we would feel the constricted space similar to 16 people in a phone booth.

After sleeping about 12 hours night before last, I awakened this morning at 4 a.m. So, here we are, or here I am, in the early morning quiet visiting with you.

Prop your feet up, have some coffee, soon we will get dirt between our toes as we travel-thru-life. 

Right now, for me, my title, Traveling-thru-life, is more like Staggering-thru-life. Not that I am inebriated, but with cleaning the other house, moving, and painting this one—I am in a state of emotional inebriation. I have to aim carefully to walk through a doorway.

Are you ready?

Good Medicine coming your