Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Seven Bullet Points (America)

Over the Wall

  •  I would think there would be a hue & cry from Americans at the idea of building a wall at their border. (In Medieval England of you heard a hue & cry you were duty-bound to join in the chase.)
I would think Americans would remember the Berlin Wall and how people risked and lost their lives trying to escape to a free Germany? I would think they would remember how thrilled people were when the wall came crashing down. I would think that they would know that walls keep people out, also keep people in, and form a barricade between families and playmates.

I guess not

  • I would think that the American people would expect their Commander & Chief, who took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the land that elected him, to understand that Constitution.  And I would expect that same person to listen when people tried to teach it to him.
I guess not.

  •  I would think that the American people would remember Selma, Alabama, the freedom riders, the underground railroad, and the hard-won battle forged by Martin Luther King Jr. as they championed the cause of Black Americans to be free and equal. I would think that Americans had grown above the fear and hatred regarding people of color and ethnicity.
I guess not.

  • I would think that the United States Senators would consider facts, allow witnesses to a trial, and render a fair judgment. I would NOT expect that they would declare before a trial that yes, they believe the accused is guilty, but it doesn’t matter.
I guess not.

  • I would think that proponents of the two-party system, even if they lost their leader would rally and follow the line of succession that is: Vice PresidentSpeaker of the House of RepresentativesPresident pro tempore of the Senate, and not be afraid of losing face. 
 I guess not.   
  • I would think that the “Don’t let them forget,” sign you would find over the entrance to the former Concentration Camp in Dachau, Germany would teach people that turning one’s back on atrocities is not a good idea.
I guess not.

  • I would think that going to a restaurant such as my daughter and I dined at last night (very good food by the way), with its eight TV’s circling the room, (no sound, just moving pictures) might make a diner feel a tad bit Orwellian.
Maybe it’s just me.

I tend not to be political, and stating my #Seven bullet points probably won’t make a difference, but I do wonder if we, the citizens, keep quiet, is it encouraging the situation?

#George Santayana (1905) said, and Winston Churchill paraphrased it, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
I hope not.

 “By dawn, people were streaming through the break in the Wall, mostly from East to West. Finally, I went off to ship my film to New York and rest for a couple of hours. The next three days had a magical feeling, Germans were high on history, and it seemed nobody slept---the fall of the Berlin Wall was one of the happiest moments in history I have ever photographed and a rare peaceful resolution to a potentially dangerous event, which changed the world.”—Photojournalist Alexandra Avakian

On a lighter note--come along to Disneyland with us

Opening New Doors

After much soul-searching, I decided to go.

Husband dear had gotten out of the hospital only a week earlier, so leaving him for four days seemed irresponsible.  However, he said he was fine, not fine, but recovering, and we would lose quite a bit of money if we canceled, so we did it. My two daughters and their sons and I went to Disneyland. more...
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