Thursday, August 27, 2015

From Africa to Purse Pups

I awakened on Tuesday morning missing Peaches and Bear.

The night before, daughter and I visited Golden Labrador puppies, turned out to be a puppy mill—that gave us cause for pause, although the puppies were adorable, I don’t know what to do with that information—numerous dogs in kennels, probably never get to run like a normal dog, never have an owner to bond with, but they do have other dogs. The owner is probably operating within the laws, size of runs, cleanliness, etc.  I also played with an exuberant shelter pup coursing through town on the way back to California. I declined both.

The next morning, Tuesday, my day off, it became clear that I wanted a small dog. I checked out poodle mixes on the Internet, and found two I was interested in in the Portland vicinity. I made an appointment—the woman was willing to drive from Vancouver to the airport area to meet me. I said I would call when I got to Willsonville, about 40 minutes away as she requested.

Wilsonville. There is a pet store in Wilsonville daughter and I visited on an earlier occasion—might as well check it out while I am here.

And there she was.

The pup I couldn’t refuge.

My pup.

A Mal Chi—A Maltese/ Chihauhau mix. A Purse pup.  An adorable, smart, gentle dog. She is so small she makes the cats look big. (So far,  no cat attacks, no dog attack.)

I was embarrassed to tell the lady I wasn’t coming to see her pup, but divine providence had led me to the pup that felt right.

The day before, Monday, I finished a novel—finished? If a book is ever finished. It is completed enough to enter a contest. And that’s where  “Africa” comes in.

It is on

P.S. Did I tell you that Peaches ‘ Veterinarian donated money to the Oregon State College of Veterinary Medicine in Peaches’ name. I am honored to have Peaches honored. (And Peaches helped me find the pup.)