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Monday, April 3, 2023



I remember, years ago, sitting in the San Diego Stadium filled with thousands of people listening to John Denver sing Rocky Mountain High.


After the song and the applause rose to a crescendo, I looked at the immense crowd and thought, Am I the only one who can't slap my hands together because they hurt too much?


I figured I had arthritis and thus began to research. I found that people with arthritis are low in Pantothenic acid, so I started taking it. I discovered that minerals are crucial and began taking them. I took a B complex, a multivitamin, 4,000 mg of Vitamin C daily, and used apple cider vinegar diligently.

How long have I been without pain in my hands? Well, some 40 years.


I wear a copper ring, for I know that small amounts of copper become absorbed from the skin's connection with copper and that it is a vital ingredient. 

Why am I telling you all this? 


I am interested in Healing and assume you are too. And you know the joy of blogs. You can take them or leave them. They are to the point, and you do not have to slog through a mass of information to find pertinent points. 


Recently I bought a book titled HEALER The Pioneer Nutritionist & Prophet. by Dr. Hazel Parcells. (In her own words) I saw it was transcribed by Dr. Joe Dispenzia. I knew of Dr. Joe Dispenzia and trusted him. However, the transcriber of Parcells's book was different from Dr. Jo Dispenzia, I know.


What? Strange that there are two Dr. Joe Disenzias! 


No matter. I love the lady who dictated this book when she was 105 and lived to be 106. When I read her comments regarding minerals, I was hooked, for I felt that the high-quality minerals I took so long ago helped my healing. And I found that bone meal didn't work.


Parcells said, "When I say we are the earth, I mean it literally." 


"We are made up of all the elements of the earth…."


Minerals and trace elements appear in the soil and are reproduced in our foods. Many trace elements are too minute to be measured, but we know they exist and are catalysts in the chemical sense.


Early in Parcells career, she began to research the electromagnetic energy of food and its complex interactions with our body's own chemistry.


All this makes sense to me, for if we eat dead food, our bodies will have nothing to work on. We forget that we are electrical-chemical machines and talk primarily about calories. In biology, they taught us that we are bags of enzymes, the catalysts that make things happen.


Who talks about enzymes, for heaven's sake?


And few people talk about the acid/alkaline balance of the body, which Dr. Parcells does. When we lose our acid/alkaline balance--our bodies' homeostasis--we often get sick. Or, it's the other way around, sickness may knock the pH off balance, but bringing it into balance aids healing.

If we kill the soil, the cows and other animals eating the grass will die. I know that their meat will not sustain us. I know that the plants grown in sub-quality soil will be sub-quality nutrition. 


How can those little minerals and whatever else is in the soil stand against an onslaught of pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers? I bet even the earthworms can't survive that arsenal, and they make good soil. 


If we don't get the necessary nutrition, we will be in deep do-do.


Dr. Percells's advice on Healing is, "If you want to be healthy, you need to trade your wishbone for a backbone and get to work."


In the forward to Parcells book, Dr. Kaayla T Daniel, Ph.D., CCN, wrote, "I never met Dr. Hazel Parcells, but I want to grow up to be just like her."


"Dr. Parcells discovered the secrets to a long life and lived into a grand old age with strength, stamina, mental acuity, emotional balance, spiritual attunement, and meaningful, enduring accomplishments."


However, Dr. Parcells was not blessed with good genes. She was diagnosed with terminal tuberculosis at 42. She was told to live out her life in a sanitarium, for the doctors could do nothing for her. "Necessity is the mother of invention," she said and went to work healing herself.


She lived for another 65 years pioneering discoveries in nutrition and alternative medicine before she died in 1996. Her exploration into the realm of healing started when she realized the connection between her food and her body's chemical needs.


Dr. Parcells believed in body regeneration, even healing "incurables." She considered it a grave mistake to chase symptoms instead of addressing malnutrition, parasitic infestations, pesticide poisoning, radiation sickness, toxic metal poisoning, and other unwanted bi-products of "Father Technology."


She kept a low profile, for she did not want to butt heads with the AMA, FDA, and other medical police. 


With the highest yearly expenditures being drugs and cosmetics, salesmanship has shaped our attitudes about life, how to live it, and the importance of looking young.

Regarding minerals, Dr. Percells rejuvenated a "dead" Minnesota farm where the plants and animals were dying. He had shipped truckloads of amazingly mineral-rich soil from New Mexico to Minnesota. And when she saw that the animals were thin and sickly, she sprinkled some of the minerals on their food, and they recovered, becoming plump and healthy.


A fascinating aside is that Dr. Parcells discovered that people recovering from tobacco addiction were similar to people recovering from an opium addiction. She processed a tobacco leaf and found opium to be a natural element of tobacco. All along, we thought it was nicotine that people were addicted to. Also, I was happy to find that people breathing secondary tobacco smoke (my parents were smokers) had nicotine in their systems. In contrast, smokers have both nicotine and opium. 


Parcells found that water alone would not wash away the residuals of poisonous residues in our food. While researching at Sierra States University in California, a student brought in a box of discolored, shriveled lemons that were culls that is thrown out. Here was a perfect opportunity to test a theory she had worked on. She filled the sink with water, put in a small amount of bleach, and dumped in the lemons. Soon the room was filled with the fragrance of lemons. In one-half hour, the lemon's discoloration and shrinkage were gone, replaced with bright yellow lemons as fresh looking as though they had been picked that day.


She separated them into portions, stored them in the freezer, and tested them for freshness for the next three years. In the last class, they were full of the same life-sustaining energy as in the first class. She figured the bleach set up an action with their natural chemicals, making them fresh again. Further tests revealed that the bleach also cleaned away fungus or other foreign materials, possibly contributing to their discoloration and deterioration.


The bleach method of cleaning food is good for all foods that can be soaked in water, including most fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, meats, poultry, and fish.


 Her methods were tested for 10 years.


One man commented, "But bleach is poison," She replied, "Yes, and a spoonful of whisky won't kill you, but a quart might." After that, she never heard from him again. 




Add 1 teaspoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water.






Author's note: Dr. Parcells recommends only Clorox bleach with the blue and white label, the original formula, not today's flavored varieties. 


Separate the food to be cleaned into groups. Vegetables, leafy vegetables, Root vegetables.


Fruits: heavy-skinned such as apples, citrus, and bananas.


Eggs. It is not a good idea to soak eggs in water, for it can be absorbed through the shell bringing in salmonella bacteria. However, putting eggs into the bleached water for 20-30 minutes gives them a better flavor and is less apt to cause allergies.


Meats as one of the heaviest carriers of toxic materials, antibiotic shots, and poisons from the food they consume. By placing meats in the cleansing soak, poisonous substances are eliminated, the flavor is improved, and the meat is tenderized.


Chart for Soaking

Leafy vegetables 5-10 minutes

Root and heavy fiber vegetables 10-15 minutes

Thin-skinned berries 5 minutes

Heavy-skinned fruits 10-15 minutes

Meats per pound (thawed) 10 minutes

Meats per pound (frozen) 15-20 minutes


Parcells method of cleansing has been used worldwide, esp. in third-world countries, where it was adopted by their governments and used by many Peace Corps members in for off lands.


“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.”

—Steve Martin