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Thursday, August 5, 2021



Many years ago, I read about a prisoner in Auschwitz.


He was a doctor, and as a doctor, of course, other prisoners came to him for treatment.


The trouble was, he had no medicines, no instruments, no anything.


But he had water.


He began treating his patients with water, and saw many ailments relieved. After he was liberated, he began studying the effects of water on healing the human body (I can’t find the book. Do you know of it?)


I have noticed that my coffee urge has dwindled on the hot days that abound these days, and I’m turning to water. When I read Kristin Limoges article, “Whoa: This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Enough Water.


I decided to up my intake.


This research is based on the work of Dr. Dana Cohen, an integrative medicine specialist in New York and coauthor of Quench: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body Through the New Science of Optimum Hydration.


She says optimal hydration is taking half your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 120 pounds, you need to drink 60 ounces of water a day.


 Within seven days of drinking your prescribed amount, you’ll have fewer aches and pains and bowel movements will become more regulated and frequent.


Also, your skin clarity will improve. “A body that has been suboptimally hydrated (You didn't drink enough water) will, over time, shunt water toward essential organs like your heart and away from nonessential tissue like your skin and muscles,” says Dr. Charles Passler, a celebrity nutritionist and founder of Pure Change Detox. “This can lead to wrinkled or drooping skin, as well as reduced muscle strength.”


After one month of drinking your daily recommended ounces of water, you’ll be hitting your stride. You can expect clearer, less bloated skin, plus continuous benefits in mental clarity, muscle strength, and stamina, says Dr. Passler.


In Six Months:


“Having our cells properly hydrated creates homeostasis in the body and flushes out toxins,” says Dr. Passler. (sounds like a scientist.) Beyond just looking and feeling great, proper hydration is necessary for the proper functioning of every single organ and tissue in your body. The long-term benefits of avoiding dehydration play an important role in reducing the risk of diseases and disorders, like urinary tract infections, hypertension, coronary heart disease, glaucoma, and gallstone disease.


I’ll race you to the frig.


—that’s where we keep our glass jugs of water. 

I cleaned my store, Jo’s—Store, Books and Coffee. It's a pleasure to walk in. Imagine  tinkling bells ringing as the door closes. Imagine the fragrance of fresh brewed coffee. Sit, prop your feet up, and read free stuff. 

And tell me if you think I swallowed the hype by purchasing a Fuze Bug, a mosquito zapper. (Just information, no kickback.) I was impressed when a hiker clipped it on his backpack and took off down the trail.

 And, of course, buy books.


 I use to sell on Amazon. My product right now is Ketogenix Keto tablets. oss+Puretonics+VIP+tablets&qid=1628190061&sr=8-3


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