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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Wham! Life Hits Us.


“La de da da,” we come into this lifetime joyful, smiling, squirming bundles of possibilities. Oh, what fun. We will run and play and bask in the love of adoring parents. This is a vacation, playtime on earth—this beautiful planet with its colors and trees to climb and animals to play with, and…


Wham! Something hits us. What was that? I can’t go into the water because I can’t swim?


“Oh, okay, I’ll learn to swim.”


“La de da da. I’m a dolphin. Mom look at me. See how I glide through the water.”


“Mom, why are you crying?”


“What’s happening?”


“Daddy’s leaving? That can’t be. He’s supposed to stay here, live with us. You’re getting a what? A divorce? That can’t be, parents are supposed to live with each other. They are supposed to be here for me, for us, together.”


There are many others in the naked City, country, or hovel.


The point is we have created beliefs about how life is, but we go on building a life for ourselves. We go to school—well, that’s another story—the point is, though, that with those hits, we develop a view of how life is, and thus we develop a view of ourselves.


We see how people leave us, how we feel unloved, or how hard it was to maneuver the school playground, the lunchroom, the taunts or teasing. We might excel at interpersonal relationships, but there is usually something. We might think we are better than most—that’s an injury, too.


We have taken hits, and since they are emotionally charged, they impact us more than the gentle, happy ones. We were raised by parents who sustained hits of their own and, chances are, had no clue about raising kids. They had their own problems. However, together we muddled through. Maybe we had a best friend that filled in some of the holes in our psyche. Perhaps we had many friends, which further influenced our view of life.


The bottom line is that through all this, we developed beliefs.


I thought I had nothing to discuss today until I remembered yesterday’s email. A friend sent me a quote from Vincent Genna. It was, “Thoughts do not create, beliefs do.”


“Yes!” I yelled. “That’s the missing piece of the Law of Attraction puzzle.” We create through our beliefs, not from our thoughts. And most of those beliefs are held and exercised unconsciously.


Wow, this business of life is tricky.


But we’re adults now, and we can look back and throw those beliefs onto the wall to see if they stick. Are they true? Are they important to keep? Can we replace that belief with a more healthy, pertinent one? Perhaps they are absolutely not true. You did nothing to affect your parent’s personal problems. They were theirs, not yours. Maybe you can forgive them now.


I mentioned in a blog earlier that I was writing a memoir. Whenever I say it seems ostentatious to write one, think of it this way: I believe everybody should write one. Thus, my title Come On, I Dare You. Like, hey, don’t leave me alone in this. Every writer knows that a piece of writing affects the one writing it more than the one reading it.


From going over my life, I wonder now what my mother thought and felt when she discovered, at 16, that she was pregnant with me. I know she took her best friend with her when she went to tell my father. (I found out that later from her best friend.) She and my father got married and about four years later divorced, but that’s really all I know. She obviously felt she “Had to get married. It was shameful in those days to be an unwed mother. (Although it regularly occurred.) And she tried to hide it from me her entire life.


Once in the night, I heard her tell my stepdad, “I hope Joyce never finds out.” However, I knew. Kids know many things their parents try to keep from them. They also know that they shouldn’t know, so they stay quiet. I didn’t know, though, how much she suffered over finding that she was pregnant. And I don‘t know how much I shared her emotions since at the time, we were both sharing the same body.


That “trauma” could have contributed to some of my beliefs. 

Monday, July 31, 2023

Tuesday August 1, 2023


“For in the last analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”

--John F. Kennedy



How are you doing?

While taking down the search engine from our Real Estate Site, I finally got a fire in my belly.


You see, I am a reluctant Real Estate Agent. I'm a writer. I want to write. I'm not a salesperson. 


But I'm into service.  


And so, I began writing a Newsletter. In the middle of it, I decided to call our Mortgage lender, the initial one, not the one who has services our loan now. That loan moves through lenders as though playing musical chairs. However, the initial lender is friendly and Simpatico.


I knew there was down payment help, but I needed to figure out where to find it. Cavalry in the form of one horseless Mortgage Lender to the rescue. He dumped so much in my head some didn’t stick, but his email came shortly after. Bless his heart.


I got excited. And wrote,


I'm here to give out information and to help people. I don't want potential clients to look at me and think I only want a commission. That would be nice, but first comes service.


So, I am not blogging on Vibrance Real Estate LLC, and I know that real Estate talk can be dull for people not into it. I'm going to have fun. After all, a Pink Flamingo on your sign and business card tells the world you aren't running with hyenas.


When the lovely flamingo calls to you, you are called to celebrate life's beauty, romance, and fun. The flamingo reminds you to not get too caught up in life's day-to-day responsibilities at the expense of feeling joy and recognizing the finer things in life. Flamingos are famed for their pizzazz, grace, balance, and harmony. They are highly vocal, and their idea is that the more, the merrier. 


So, add your voice to the gathering; The Flamboyance Newsletter will appear on on the first of each month. Except for this first one. The second installment will be next Tuesday.


We’d be tickled pink to have you join the gathering. No sign in, no fee, just information.  


Lend your voice, and we'll see where it goes.