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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Did We Learn What We Needed to Learn from This Covid19 Pandemic?

We found that lowering the amount of traffic had a measurable affect on our air quality. And the first spring after the lock down seemed more abundant with plant life than in previous years. It appeared that the Earth took a breather.

But, did we? Did we learn that we could make a difference? Or did we grumble that our way of life was stymied? I know it was tough—people dot sick, some died, people lost their jobs--my husband included. Still, I wonder if we got what the Earth, the virus, the Universal Consciousness, whatever, was trying to tell us.

Instead, we became polarized over politics, over to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. Many thought our freedoms were being taken away. We were mandated to wear masks. Some argued that masks did no good and actually harmed.

I found out recently that the arguments over vaccinations date way back to the smallpox vaccinations. “The Government is controlling us,” they said. “Don’t make me put that in my child.” (Some parents tried to suck out the vaccine from their children’s arms.)

During the past two years, we could have banded together and become a stronger people. We could have been more sympathetic to the suffering. We could have suggested that maybe, just maybe, the planet was trying to tell us that we needed to make some adjustments.

Stewards of the forest know that a healthy tree is more apt to resist bug infestations, blight, or a slew of tree diseases. So, it would be prudent to do everything possible to ensure healthy trees.

Biologists know that when an animal population becomes overcrowded or over stressed, their fertility declines, and they turn on each other. It would be prudent to investigate what make a healthy human being, and to pursue that.

People who contract a disease often say it was a wake-up call telling them they needed to change something. Are we paying attention? Or would we rather have a virtual reality that is a fantasy?

Some people like to think and say that the Earth is going through a natural cycle with global warming, and people aren’t responsible. What is it with people being resistant to taking responsibility? If they admit they have some control over factors, they also have control over changing those factors.

Do we believe in science or not? Do we think that people are trying to help, or just being pains in the butt? Do we think that those with the most money have the power? Is this a popularity contest?

And then we have this: A baby is God’s way of saying the Universe must continue.

Make the world good for him.



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