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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Law of Attraction

Have you ever had the experience of finding something, let’s say a movie or a book, that you liked so much you wanted to keep it to yourself? You weren’t being fair, you knew that. You wanted the person who conceived it to be successful, and if the message could help humankind, it ought to be out there, but still, it was your find, your treasure.

I felt similar after finding The Law of Attraction. However, it was like the excellent book title by Gloria Steinem, “The Truth will Set You Free, but first it Will Piss You Off.”

I didn’t like the term, The Law of Attraction. I didn’t understand it. I didn’t like the hype associated with it, and most of the messages regarding it weren’t clear anyway. People raved that they were in “vibrational harmony” with it, and that was annoying. People were giving classes on it, but I thought most of them didn’t have a clue about what they were talking about. Some were so pedantic it was annoying.

The movie The Secret gave us an appetizer, but not a whole meal.

I stayed away from talking about it. I didn’t know what I was talking about anyway. I couldn’t explain it, except, sneaky little thing that it is, it leaked into my writing every once in a while.

On top of that, I didn’t want to be known as airy-fairy. I don’t know why. I guess I didn’t want to be lumped in with many other people who are proclaiming that they understand The Law of Attraction. I’m not saying that they are kooks, but some are. You know how hard it is to separate the wheat from the chaff.

So, there I was, talking about how life works, yet ignoring the one thing that might explain it all.

Except if you try to explain it, chances are you will end up in a puddle of confusion.

It’s simple, you say, “You attract what you are.”

Yeah, sure, but “I’m attracting many things not wanted,” you might say. “I don’t want them there. I didn’t ask for them. I want them to go away.”

How can people in Somalia attract their way of life? Why would a baby be born to starve to death?

You can find many reasons why creating your reality isn’t true.

Some people think it interferes with their religion. Still, if you read critically, you will find references to The Law of Attraction all over the place—like in the Christian Bible. “Ask, and you shall receive, Seek, and you shall find, Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”

What if, out there is a message—maybe a rule book on how to live, and we’re ignoring it?

We weren’t put here to be sniveling little brats. We are placed here to be strong creators.

“Create your own reality?” You say. “What have you been smoking?” “That’s a bunch of hooey.”  But, look at it this way, you can grumble and complain about your lot in life, and being a naysayer is so much fun, isn’t it? Yeah, right. How does it make you feel?

It feels crummy, doesn’t it?

It’s rather like taking the high road or the low road. People like to grumble and complain while traveling the low road, all the while proclaiming that they want to be happy.

It doesn’t work, does it?

Most of the time, the high road aspects and the low road aspects don’t speak to each other. Do they have different “vibrational frequencies”?


People talk about one’s “vibration, and that is another cliche’. Someone decided that vibration was a good way of explaining a phenomenon that has no words. It sounds odd, really, saying we are all walking around vibrating. 

Yet, I know what they are talking about, and for want of a better word, they say we vibrate at a certain level. It makes sense, doesn’t it, for you have known people who seem to skate through life on a high road, and you have known people who muck up regularly, with each day bringing a new crisis. Most of them complain a lot too.

We do speak of “vibes.” We say, “This building has poor vibes. This person gives off bad vibes.” And we know when there is a light heart.  

We could say our intuition told us, but we don’t know what that is either. I think the term “vibration” came from Quantum Physics, where we could say that all matter “vibrates.” The earth, too, has a vibration, like a tuning fork, and it is measurable.

People have struggled to explain the unseen for millennia, and now people are trying. They know the brain is powerful. They know we have electric, magnetic, chemical, and spiritual aspects to our bodies. They know that consciousness is the ruling master of the body, and many people believe it survives death. Now they are endeavoring to put it in understandable terms. We need to be patient with them.

Dip from the Source whenever you can. In other words, call upon your internal knowing, and ask if something feels right. (Including what I am writing about.) The more you rely on your intuition, the stronger it will become. It will say, Yea! You found me! Whoopi do da!”

I’m not a newbie to The Law of Attraction. I’ve read about it, I’ve attended seminars, and I’ve listened to talks.  I’ve been annoyed at it, riled against it, was a believer, and a practicer. Now I’m talking about it. Maybe I’ll get it eventually.

Now I have found a person who is the best at explaining it. He is an ordinary guy who found that this system--and he calls it The Law of Attraction—works. He sets up a video camera and simply talks.

His name is Justin Perry, and here is a link.


Thanks, Justin