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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

For This I Am blogging--a P.S. to this weekly post--keep scrolling

To pass on information such as this in case you missed it.

 It came from a reader.

Thank you. Thank you.


Ivermection and Cancer


  •       Ivermectin is already approved by the FDA as an anti-parasitic medicine and has helped save millions of lives from both parasitic and viral infections


  • It has been prescribed nearly 4 BILLION times for humans since 1987


  • It has demonstrated effectiveness in treating several different viruses including HIV, dengue, influenza, and Zika


  • It has been listed as one of the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines


  • t is safer than aspirin and can be obtained in many countries without a prescription


  • It is 86% effective for prevention and 72% effective for early treatment of C-19 according to real-time meta-analysis of 83 studies


  • And it kills CANCER cells.


And when my daughter and her family caught Covid 19, I wanted to purchase Ivermectin, and already had a prescription.


The pharmacy refused to fill it.


You figure.