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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

A Rude Awakening

In my effort to access the subterranean recesses of Instagram, and begin a new site,  I hit upon a post by #Scott Beckstead, the director for Oregon at the #Humane Society of the United States. That man will forever hold a soft spot in my heart.

In 2009 when the country was in crisis and no one wanted to buy a horse, Beckstead found a home for my two horses (one an adopted mustang from the #BLM, the other a registered Quarter Horse.) He also found at the same 64- acre property a home for Daughter Dear’s two horses, one an elderly draft who the adopter said would be a friend for her elderly horse.  We were moving to Hawaii and decided not to put them through the required quarantine and shipment. A 64- acre spread sounded preferable. Thank you, Scott Beckstead.

Nina bought Sweetums, the draft horse, from a family who had Belgium horses, and since he didn’t fit as a team with any of their other horses, they were going to sell him for slaughter. And they cruelly called him Dog Food. (Thinking it was funny I suppose, but it still hurts my heart to this day.) Trainer Pat Parelli, horse gentler, says to never use derogatory names for your animals, for it builds canyons instead of bridges. (Let’s say that goes for people too.)




Beckstead was in Washing DC for Lobby Day as an advocate for a #Ban of Slaughter of Wild horses, and inhumane helicopter roundup.

He says the BLM is relentlessly sending out misinformation, even the numbers of wild horses is off, saying there is more than there is.

"The BLM is driving wild horses to extinction on public land."--Scott Beckstead 

A sociologist (#Chat Hensen, book, “In the Land of Oz”) spoke at the conference, and Beckstead said it opened his eyes to the words being used by the BLM --invasive, feral, non-native, overpopulated.

 There is no mention of the beautiful wild herds that roam our country. There was no mention either that not all wild horses came from the Inquisitors, but some migrated into this continent over the Bering straight, There are powerful groups lobbying against the wild horses, ranchers and the beef industry among others who want to use Public Land for FREE.

 There is no mention either, about the characteristics of horses, that when they are in competition with other grazers, they will choose the worst forage. A steady diet of fresh green grass (it’s the sugars in the grass) can give a horse susceptible to it a painful inflammation of the feet called laminitis. Laminitis can cause a separation of the hoof from the cannon bone, and eventually kill the animal. (The Famous Triple Crown winner, Secretariat, died of laminitis. ( It can also be hormonally caused.)

Beckstead says we need to stop romancing the rulers, for they want the bears, the coyotes, the wolves, the wild horses, even the sage grouse, gone.

If you think wild horses are scruffy little beasts look at this guy, what a powerful neck and shoulder.

                                                      (A Beckstead photo.)

 There was an armed takeover of a Wild horse Sanctuary in OR.

 Let's hold them accountable. It’s entitlement, and cruel.

 I did not know that the BLM—which I thought were good guys--only say something positive about the wild horses until it comes time to auction them. I bought my little six-month old Sierra from the BLM, and look what she grew into.


She had a freeze brand on her neck which said she could never be sold for slaughter. (If they still honor that.)

 Call US Senators, and Congressmen, stating you want a ban on Wild Horse Slaughter. He gave this number, but didn’t specify the area code, 224-2131. Look them up.

I did it, I emailed my Senator and Congress woman. Then, I debated with myself on putting this online for I didn’t want a sad blog, but then I realized I am only one. Maybe others would join me.

 Do not allow wild horses to be rounded up and sold for slaughter. They don’t belong to anyone to sell. And to kill them? Shame on them.  Buffalos all over again. Crap!

So, there you have it dear ones. Make of it what you will.

 Hawaiian Proverb:

‘A‘ohe hana nui ke alu ‘ia.

No task is too big when done together by all.