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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Who ho ho, I'm so Excited!

I got this eBook the way I wanted. After trying to send it a zillion different ways, I finally got the one I wanted.


It's cool, the booklet appears on the screen quickly and clearly and has a forward arrow and a back arrow, so whoever decides to read it can do it efficiently. And, guys,  you know me, I am not every long winded, so it is 59 pages, under 10,000 words...every word a gem of course.


Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  

You can see why I want to send it through email as I do not want to link it here. I am giving the link specifically to you guys. Non-blog readers can pay for it.


Here I was blogging along talking about feelings, and listing the 39 feelings published  on The Power of Feelings while in the background, I was trying to make my eBook easily accessible.


Hey, when you've spent the last two weeks on a project, it becomes pretty pervasive.


Here are the feelings: There is more to this arena than just saying, "I want to be happy."  You have a smorgasbord from which to choose.

I had begun to think technology was out to get me, but right now I'm going to enjoy the moment. I'm happy.


Confident? happy? Creative? Glad? Motivated? Peaceful? Content? Reserved? Restless? Annoyed? Jealous? Shocked? Stuck? Ambitious? (Enterprising—my word) Grateful? Excited? Focused? Curious? Bored? Calm? Tired? Confused? Overwhelmed? Anxious? Frustrated? Lonely? Awed? Valued? Optimistic? Inspired? Sensitive? Hurt? Nervous? Angry? Worthless? Stressed?

Now for the eBook. You read part of the story, now here's the rest.