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Tuesday, April 25, 2023

This is a No Blog Blog


No blog today.

It is time for an artist’s holiday. That is to do something different to recharge your batteries.

Julia Cameron takes herself to the pet store to hold (whatever his name is. Fred, let’s say.) the giant bunny.

“Can I hold Fred?” she asks the proprietor.

“I don’t know; you’ll have to ask Fred.”

Well, she held him, so he must have said yes.

We lived in San Diego when my two girls were little, and there was an aquatic store down the hill not far from where we lived. When we wanted an outing, we would go there and look at the fish in the glass aquariums, and outside behind the shop, we would peruse the cement block ponds where they raised fish, large and small.

My youngest daughter remained quite attached to aquatic animals into her adult life, getting a job at PetSmart right out of college and working with the fish. Later she had a mail-order saltwater animal shipping service. Then, she became the store director at a PetSmart store in California.

You never know the ramifications of a fun holiday.