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Monday, March 23, 2020

Warning to Virus: You've got 6 toilet paper rolls time to get out of Dodge. In the meantime, parents you have a Home-Schooling challenge

Time to stand up to this damn thing.

I loved this from a friend: What will happen if you get the virus?”

“You’ll get the flu, feel bad for a while, recover, and go on with your life.”

That said, let’s go into something parents face right now.

Forced #Home-Schooling:

On the off chance that some of you have school-aged children at home Caz of has excellent suggestions. 

She has taught school for 8 years, and home-schooled her own kids for 12. In addition, she and her husband work at home.  I think she is amply qualified to address this subject.

·       For all the people who never wanted to home-school their children—I feel for you.

·       For all those parents who have considered home-schooling—check out Caz.

·       For all who home-school already, here is additional information to throw into the pie.

Kids at home:

That would have been a dream for me. Being home never bored me, but then I liked to draw, lived on a farm, had a horse I loved to ride, lived where I could go into the wilderness, and milked a cow every evening, My dad took the morning shift.
But most kids no longer live on a farm, and there are few Tom Sawyers who take off on a river raft.

But consider this:
  • At home, there are no tests.
  • There is the possibility of daydreaming without being scolded.
  • One can take action for your own life.
  • Discovery is fun, when it’s your personal discovery.
  • Learn your own pace instead of someone else’s.
  • Learning about subjects they haven’t gotten around to teaching in school.
  • Concentrated time with few distractions makes learning half as easy and twice as fast. (I know away from friends is sad.)
  • If bored—find something to do.
I know, I live in a different age where the computer is King, and dragging your kids away from it is like pulling a cat, with all 20 claws extended, out of a cloth bag.

Parents hang in there!

The greatest thing I got from Caz’s post was to let go of Resistance. How many times have I heard it, yet there I was, resisting losing my concentrated work-time without distractions.

Sometimes I need a thump on the head.

Link to Home-Schooling tips: