Monday, August 8, 2016

My Heart Leapt at This

Not the picture, Caz's comments:

“I would have liked to have heard a few more stories with joy as a focus. I feel like joy gets overshadowed too much by struggle and pain. The stories of pain are important so we never feel alone and it’s where we gain strength, BUT, it’s equally important to put joy on the centre stage too. Feeling joy is not something to hide away and I think society has a habit of doing this. Not surprising given how much the news dominates our space. I want to hear about joy more. I want to feel joy more. There was a lovely bracelet making service at BlogHer where you could give them a word and they’d etch it on a bracelet for you. My word was JOY. It’s why we’re here. Give JOY a chance.”

The above quote is from Caz who flew from Australia to L.A. to attend the #BlogHer conference. Caz is a world renowned blogger who writes YTravelBlog. Her photo won a BlogHer award and she was thus invited.

Caz: “A consistent message from all the speakers was the valuable role bloggers have to help make a positive difference in the world.”

Me: Here I am a little blogger sitting in my own little corner of the world wondering if I have anything of importance to say… can I make a difference, and why am I drawn to this avenue of expression in the first place?

Someone asked me the other day what I blog about. “Life, and whatever I choose to talk about,” I said, "and I want to be inspirational."

To whom? You? Me?

Both of us.

I trust that my audience will find me. You know if you aim your boat upstream, it takes a lot of paddling, but if you turn your boat to the current it will carry you...

Caz: “Instead of looking sideways, I’m going to throw out. It’s a term I just made up as I wrote that last sentence. Each time I go to cut myself down and underplay my value, I’m going to look up and throw something valuable out to the world – either a kind and supportive word or way that I can serve someone else to help them grow.

Me: Yesterday I listened to a YouTube interview with #Terry Cole Whittiker. My long time readers know I love that woman. I had never felt such love as I did the weekend I spent with her. On YouTube, she was talking about her early days in the Science of the Mind ministry. When she was first asked to speak she didn’t know how to do it. So she cut inspirational passages from various books, pasted them on a yellow legal pad, and read them verbatim.

She was met with silence.

And then after the stunned audience recovered they applauded.

Her friend said to her, “Terry, you’re a speaker.”

And thus the speaker was born.

Her church grew to something like 7,000 attendees, and she had a national TV show. Now she lives in nature where she says she’s the happiest. And she seems to be following her own inner guidance, which is something I am trying to do. (Don’t try. Do.)

Caz: "Sheryl Crow spoke at the BlogHer conference about her breast cancer journey and how it returned her to whole foods and the nourishment of herself. “A lot of the stress we live with now is a result of what we let in – the constant barrage of people’s opinion”  

Sheryl says:

“Being empowered means seeking what our soul wants. Life is made up of circumstances reminding you of who you are.”

Caz: “I absolutely loved this. It was the quote of the conference for me alongside Jessie Weiner, who said in the panel discussion about feminism:

“When do the grown ups step in to fix this. Hang on we are the grown ups”

Me: The reason I began my new blog is that I watched Marie Forleo's UTube interview with Tony Robbins regarding his documentary created by Joe Berlinger titled "I Am Not Your Guru." 

(How did that come to me? A stumble? Divine guidance?)

That interview prompted me to watch the documentary.  What an event! Awesome. Touching. Inspiring. (It’s available free on Netflix.) If strong language offends you, don’t watch, but it would be a shame to miss it.

Now, I wonder, do I have the courage to go to a #Tony Robbins live event?

I once saw him in Portland at a millennium 
Celebration. That would be 16 years ago!

My friend and I felt we were walking on air when we left the auditorium. But now, the closest Robbins' event to me features a fire walk. Yipes! 

The next Robbins even is coming up in November. I'm considering it.

What to hear about it? Oh my, what am I setting myself up for?

Thanks for reading.
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