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With all this staying at home we are doing right now, I figured people might be tired of watching Netflix and want to read a novel. Yes, fiction. Read fiction, they’re fun—this one is fun. I will be placing it on Amazon Kindle Direct—which will have exclusivity for 90 days. Not with the print copy, however. I can sell it where ever. The Kindle will cost only $2.99. See, it costs less than an Amazon movie.

Think of all the fun your mind will have creating images of New York. Los Angeles, Venice Beach, Seattle, the Gambia West Africa, Kenya, Paris. Oh, the places we’ll go.

I don’t know yet what the print copy will cost. My daughter says she wants one, so I have to make it available. 

Brief description:

Two Sara’s, twenty years apart, are inexplicably intertwined with Patrice, a child of Africa, and a painting titled The Girl on the Pier.

Book I 
When fifteen-year-old Patrice’s grandparents go missing, she throws away old fears of intrusion and reads her Grandmother Sara’s journal. In the journal, she learns of life and loves, and how she got Miss Sara Rose, a retired lady from King’s Valley Kansas as her grandmother.

After her husband’s death, Sara goes to California to be with Patrice, now a student at UCLA. In Venice Beach, California, Sara meets a painter named Clyde Dales. 

Book II
Thirteen years later, Miss Sara Andrews, Sara’s namesake, and the curator of Mizi’s Gallery in N.Y. has placed Clyde Dales’ painting, The Girl on the Pier, on consignment. When a customer comes to view the painting, he said, “But that’s not the painting, there is another,” and offers an exorbitant sum for it.

Sara knows something is fishy, but that doesn’t stop her. Determined to find the painting, she enrolls a newly found friend, Ryan Walker, in the search. Amid a whirlwind romance, traveling three continents, and finding Patrice again, they learn the secret of the painting.

The notorious complete cover, front, spine, and back. You can't read the description in the photo, but it is just what I printed above.

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